J.I.D.’s New Video Is Pure Misery

J.I.D. is inspired by movies. The MC named his mixtape series DiCaprio, which received its latest installment at the close of 2018. The Georgia native and Dreamville artist included a photo of the Titanic and Departed actor as that project’s promotional artwork. However, the work eventually released with just an Oscar-inspired gold J.I.D. trophy as its cover.

The rollout for the Spillage Village’s second Dreamville release has included additional references to Hollywood. March’s “Off da Zoinkys” was an homage to Robert Altman’s 1973 film, The Long Goodbye. For “151 Rum,” the nimble lyricist nods to 1990’s Misery. The Rob Reiner-directed film was based on Stephen King’s 1987 Thriller about an author held captive and forced to write his tormentor’s stories.

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In the music video to one of the first songs Heads got to hear from D2, J.I.D. makes his influences clear. The credits honor VHS-era Horror films, as a character returns him. J.I.D. plays the victim to the sadism. He is battered, bloody, and chained in a dimly lit living room. In this take on Misery, J.I.D. is forced to write and record, versus pen a novel. The equipment, from the tracking boards to the hard disks, are period correct for that retro feel. J.I.D. delivers the intricate bars in the video.

In a gruesome closing sequence, J.I.D. breaks free, also letting his tormentor’s pit bull go as well. With one good leg remaining, the jarring visual finds the rapper limping his way to safety…or so he tries.

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Dicaprio 2 features Method Man, J. Cole, and Joey Bada$$, among others. Several J.I.D. songs are currently included in the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.

#BonusBeat: The trailer to Misery: