Open Mike Eagle Delivers 1 Of His Best Verses With A Band In A Single Take (Video)

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Before the premiere of his new Comedy Central show alongside Baron Vaughn, featuring appearances and collaborations with Method Man, Phonte, MF DOOM, and others, Open Mike Eagle released his latest project, late 2018’s What Happens When I Try To Relax.

The six-song effort is another introspective journey into the Chicago, Illinois native’s mind, his vulnerabilities, opinions, pop culture minutia, and quirky sense of humor. From that release, “Microfiche” is a standout song. In what can seem like a stream of consciousness, the Project Blowed member unpacks so much about his life and the world around us all. In a new video, Mike partners with a band to perform the song in one single take. Today, he releases the “Hootenanny 1 Mic” video version of the song.

Phonte & Open Mike Eagle Go Verse For Verse With Jokes About Who’s More Woke (Video)

Might not wanna hear it but the truth hurts / My pot-belly getting big, need some new shirts / Everything ain’t great, but I can do worse / ‘Cause I can go to the dentist when my tooth hurts / I don’t watch Blue Earth when I get stoned / I pull apart a ink pen like a wishbone / Used to spend hella time in the friend-zone / Loin cloth and a tie like a Flintstone,” opens Mike with melody to his delivery. The veteran MC’s hook is in the same style: “Big afro, wig with a chinstrap / I’m thinkin’ real hard, chewin’ on a pen cap / Some songs just more for the headphones / F*ck the NFL, f*ck the Redzone.” In one fell swoop, Mike can be personal, political, and humorous. The song is a cement mixer of references to 1980s television show Newhart, Dragon Ball Z, and plays “Bye, Felicia” off of Royce 5’9’s “Hi, Rihanna.”

While Open Mike’s The New Negroes show has reportedly been in the works since 2017, clever verses and strong songwriting like this shows why he deserves the platform.

Open Mike Eagle & DOOM Make A Powerful Video About How We Imprison Ourselves

Press photograph provided by Run Music.

#BonusBeat: Mike dropped an exceptional verse in this same tone alongside The Juggaknots’ Breezly Brewin (aka Breeze Brewin) and billy woods on “Slippery Slope,” from Blockhead’s Free Sweatpants album: