Blu & Exile Provide Hope Through True And Livin’ Hip-Hop (Video Premiere)

Blu & Exile’s breakthrough Below The Heavens remains a classic album in many Hip-Hop circles. The MC/producer LP formally introduced two artists who had been making waves for years in the most soulful, reflective, and relatable of ways.

Since that 2007 LP, both Blu and Exile have taken journeys with their music and catalog. Blu’s put in work with Madlib, Nottz, Oh No, and 9th Wonder. Meanwhile, Exile oversaw the sounds for LPs by Fashawn, Dag Savage, and most recently Choosey. However, as Heads felt on 2012’s Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them and 2017’s In The Beginning: Before The Heavens, the chemistry together is something godly. Just this year, the True & Livin’ EP is a shining example of this magic.

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The EP’s opening cut of the effort is the title track, and it is a smooth number that analyses the shifting definition of “truth” in 2019. “True & Livin” is also the first song off the EP to get a video, which Ambrosia For Heads premieres today.

The visuals here show Blu & Exile chilling in a field full of wildflowers. The sequence is interspersed with images of Johnson Barnes taking a polygraph test and attending a protest rally.

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Blu spits insightful and topically relevant bars right off the bat, “Something you call spectacular, out of this freakin’ world / The most common denominator between boy and girl / The highest set of standards that’s ever been established / Redistribute it to the masses for your satisfaction / We only come in peace to preach about the next coming / The first Black President, what if the next is woman? / This is for those becoming who you intend to be / Pull off your suits and struggle and wash your sins in sea.” These two artists have a palpable synergy that is evident.

The True & Livin’ EP also features Fashawn, Aloe Blacc, Choosey, Johaz, Blame One, and Cashus King.

Blu & Exile’s Video Imagines Their Playful Chemistry 20 Years Before Below The Heavens

Press Photograph by B+ Provided By Dirty Science Records.