Scarface Is De@d. Brad Jordan Wants To Be President.

This past weekend, legendary rapper Scarface confirmed his running for Houston City Council in District D. The 48-year-old hometown hero has built his profile over the last 30 years through Rap music. He has since written a memoir, been hired as a record executive (who brought Ludacris to fame), and pursued passions in guitar and golf.

However, as ‘Face hopes to add politician to his resume, he makes a key distinction to The Washington Post‘s Orion Donovan-Smith. “Scarface is de@d,” says the man who wants to be forever known as his government name, Brad Jordan, in an interview done yesterday (June 11) with the Post. The MC who made a concept song, “I’m De@d” on 1991 solo debut Mr. Scarface Is Back is intentional with his words.“I’m not going to be a 75-year-old rapper. [Laughs] I’m going to be finishing my last term in office as president when I’m 75.”

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Before the Oval Office, Jordan is campaigning to take the seat of friend Dwight Boykins. Last week the District D Houston Councilman announced plans to vacate the position in pursuit of becoming the city’s mayor. “When [Dwight Boykins] vacated that seat, it was my time to go ahead and move toward that seat, because I grew up there, I know a lot of people there, I know what the issues are.”

Per the Post, Brad Jordan’s in-office priorities include job training, creating reentry programs for former prisoners, and improving Houston’s vulnerability to flooding. “I’m super-passionate when it comes to the people,” said Jordan. “This is the district that I’m from, and I recognize the problems. But I don’t want to point the finger at the problems. I just want to be responsible for the solutions.”

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The newspaper confirmed that behind the scenes, Brad had filed an appointment of candidate treasurer. He has until August 19 to register to appear on the November 5 ballot. Sixteen council seats in Houston are up for election.

Later this month, June 26, marks the second-annual Scarface Day in Houston. Last year, Mayor Sylvester Turner christened the calendar with the civic day in honor of the Geto Boys hit-maker. He has previously used Brad Jordan, including on his 2015 Diary Of A Madman memoir with Benjamin Meadows-Ingram. Scarface last released Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files in late 2017. He’s since worked with George Clinton and Parliament.

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Several of Scarface’s Rap peers including 2 Live Crew’s Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, Lords Of The Underground’s DoItAll, Wyclef Jean, and Rhymefest have run for politics before.


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Jordan signaled his transformation last year, when Houston declared June 26 “Scarface Day.” “You know me as Scarface,” he told the council, “but now you get the opportunity to meet Brad Jordan. … I really want to let you all know that I’m getting ready to make a super impact in the community because that’s the most important thing to me right now.”

Notably, Brad Jordan’s political step came the second week that his friend and longtime band-mate, Bushwick Bill, d!ed as the result of Stage 4 pancreatic c@ncer.