Denzel Curry’s Performance Demonstrates Why He’s A Real Master Of Ceremony (Video)

Denzel Curry is a contemporary Rap star who is influenced by the greats. The Carol City, Florida MC channeled JT Money’s Poison Clan with the artwork of his 2019 album, ZUU. Signed to Loma Vista Recordings through the same executive (Tom Whalley) responsible for first signing Tupac Shakur, Curry is reaching new audiences after years of pushing through.

A highlight from ZUU is “RICKY.” The FNZ-produced single calls back to a spectrum of Southern Rap sounds. Denzel delivers wisdom that can be mistaken for simplicity as he breaks down the differing life-lessons from his parents surrounding women and loyalty. In spitting the bars, Curry shows a Punk Rock-informed energy. Heads who caught his Rage Against The Machine “Bulls On Parade” rendition (including some original bars) are familiar with the pride Curry puts into his shows.

Denzel Curry Covers Rage Against The Machine & Slays The Evil Empire

For the “Open Mic” spot, he does the same. With a hoodie up and fronts in, the Flying Lotus, Rick Ross, and Juicy J collaborator commands a performance to the camera. No bar is delivered without intensity.

ZUU features Ross and Tay Keith, among others.