Freddie Gibbs Draws Depictions Of Bandana Songs & He Goes Hard In The Paint (Video)

Freddie Gibbs is a ferocious MC who raps about the ills of hustling, gangland, and no-strings-attached romance. However, the Gary, Indiana veteran has a sense of humor. That wit regularly makes its way into similes and metaphors in lyrics, and music videos like 2018’s “Automatic,” where he played a dirty old uncle.

On Friday (June 28) Gibbs and Madlib released their sophomore collaborative album, Bandana. The Keep Cool/RCA Records is the talk of many Hip-Hop Heads, and definitively one of 2019’s strongest LPs. As Heads purchase, play, and find their way to the album, Gibbs takes time for some silliness. XXL magazine has the MC illustrate some Bandana songs including, “Flat Tummy Tea,” “Education” (featuring Black Thought and Yasiin Bey), “Palmolive” (featuring Killer Mike and Pusha-T), and “Giannis” (featuring Anderson .Paak).

Freddie Gibbs Narrates An Account Of Michael Jackson’s Visit To Gary, Indiana (Video)

An MC who regularly takes a page out of Freeway Ricky Ross’ book suddenly becomes Bob Ross (The Joy Of Painting). While Freddie Caine may not be the next Jean-Michel Basquiat, he is an entertaining host. He illustrates caricatures of Spike Lee, Mos Def, and Black Thought—along with displays of baking soda and dish soap that coincide with the songs. The commentary may be better than the drawings, as Gibbs throws a few friendly shots to his friends and collaborators. The segment gives extra incentive to play one remarkable LP.

Several Freddie Gibbs songs are presently included in the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.