Murs & Rapsody Team Up On A Song Produced By 9th Wonder’s Daughter

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Together as a unit, Murs & 9th Wonder have always been known to make unique music with poignant messages surrounding community awareness and social strife. It is those familiar refrains that make their way on to the duo’s latest single, “High Noon.”

Featuring Jamla Records’ Rapsody and Reuben Vincent, the song opens with the Los Angeles, California MC and North Carolina guests trading bars, with Rap’ spitting something extraordinary about the track: “You’ll have to birth the second coming like 9th on the bass line.” 9th Wonder’s 15-year-old daughter, who goes by the moniker JDEAFBEATS, produced the beat.

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“It’s amazing what my baby can do,” 9th Wonder tells Complex, who premiered the song from the upcoming (and now rescheduled) The Iliad Is Dead and the Odyssey Is Over. “What she has been able to accomplish while only making beats for two-years, born with a profound hearing loss–I guess she is just born with the gift to feel.”

Murs also reflects about his relationship with 9th’s daughter and how it’s a reflection on his musical relationship with the Little Brother beatsmith. “I’ve known her my whole life, and she wasn’t even born when we released [Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition].” He continues, “I even did some babysitting over the years while we worked on a few of our earlier projects.  This track brings everything full circle.”

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As far as the track itself, Rapsody remembered how it came about and the rapping style she used on it, which is rare for her. “Making ‘High Noon’ was one of the funniest times I’ve had working with another artist. It started as a ‘Patagucci’ joke, and turned into a jam where Murs and I got to flex and have fun at the same time,” she recalls—while at work on her upcoming Eve album with Def Jam. “I haven’t gone back and forth on verses in a while. It was dope to create in that way again—just spitting.”

This latest collaborative track is slated to appear on Murs & 9th Wonder’s The Iliad Is Dead and the Odyssey Is Over, which is out August 9 via Empire.

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Aside from next month’s release, Murs & 9th announced their close-of-2015 album Brighter Daze will finally be available on streaming services this Friday (July 19).

Murs Press Photograph by Edgar “Macksimo” Medina.