Rapsody Announces Her New Album & Shows Why She’s A Top Rated MC (Video)

Earlier today (June 27), Rapsody endorsed a video through his social platforms. The montage visual features a series of Black women appear, including Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Grace Jones, Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Whoopi Goldberg, Maxine Waters, Aretha Franklin, and others.

Available at Genesis320, the video features cryptic wording, including “eve” and “August.” Although she was a prominent part of late 2018’s Jamla Is The Squad II, Rapsody’s last album was Laila’s Wisdom, back in 2017. With the messaging are images of triangles, which have become Rapsody’s social avatars with the video.

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In less than a decade, Rapsody has positioned herself as one of Hip-Hop’s elite MCs. Through albums, mixtapes, and features, the Snow Hill, North Carolina product has taken an independent, grassroots movement to the charts, the Grammy ballot, and the circles of JAY-Z as well as Dr. Dre.

However, true to the 2010 mixtape title that put her on the radars of many, Rap’ is a B-Girl at heart. Despite the success, that has not changed. On the latest episode of Rate The Bars, the Jamla Records artist shows how deep her passion for Hip-Hop runs. In doing so, she praises some of the peers that she has made some history and incredible music with.

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The episode begins with Rap’ giving a perfect score to collaborator King Mez. Now a Dreamville affiliate, the Raleigh representative first put in work with Rapsody nearly a decade ago. She doles out a perfect to Mez’s 2018 “MF+G” excerpt. She awards J. Cole’s “Album Of The Year” chunk of rhymes a “4-5 area. That’s how good these bars are.” In doing so, Rapsody recognizes her “Sojourner” collaborator. She also spots Kendrick Lamar’s “Power” bars, which appeared on her Laila’s Wisdom album. “The best thing about Kendrick is his rhyme scheme and how he plugs them words in. Them joints be fallin’.” Moments later, she says that bars like those on her card are college course-worthy. Rapsody takes a step in that direction, by interpreting some of the words on her outstanding ’17 collabo’.

Like many Rate The Bars guests, Rapsody is given a selection of her own. She analyzes 2018’s “Sojourner.” “Come on, bruh. I’m the author of that; when you really write the bars, you know the bars.” She then breaks down some of her Jamla Is The Squad II inclusion lines. The MC gives herself a perfect 5. Next up are some lyrics from Phonte’s verse on Drake’s “Think God Thoughts.” After learning it’s her extended family member and “Jedi Code” collaborator, she says, “Phonte is one of the best to ever do it, so that’s not surprising. Let me tell you: I used to ride around and study Phonte, the depth of his lyrics. Yo, this 6-7-8-9. That’s what I’m rating that. Everything above 5 is what this bar is.”

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As the episode continues, Rapsody recognizes Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones” lyrics, which she gives a perfect score while comparing the song’s sentiment to The Color Purple. In the final moment, BET makes things interesting, having Rapsody rate some rare raps from her mentor and producer, 9th Wonder. She weighs in on 9thMatic’s “Make It Big.” Recognizing the lines right away, Jamla’s flagship artist says, “For those that know, not only does he make the beats, 9th can write a few bars! This [is] dope, bro! You can’t sleep on this one; this a storytelling verse. Everybody don’t have the power to tell stories.”

However, Rapsody’s scores all not all glowing. She hands early N.C. upstart Petey Pablo a 2.5 for his 2001 breakout “Raise Up.” “It ain’t wack, but it ain’t the greatest thing I ever heard,” she admits. Charlotte’s DaBaby’s “Suge” garners the same score. For Bhad Bhabie’s “These Heaux,” Rapsody awards a 1.5.

Notably, Rapsody also hands Tyga’s “Startender” feature verse selection a 4.

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