ANoyd’s Freestyle Shows Why He’s A Top MC Who Belongs On Everybody’s Radar (Video)

Earlier this summer, Connecticut MC ANoyd linked up with Statik Selektah and ShowOff Records to release his album Yuck!, featuring Nick Grant, Ufo Fev, and Termanology. A’ and Statik later dropped visuals for one of the album’s standout singles, “The Mood.”

Despite ANoyd’s recent ventures in flexing his album-mode muscles, freestyling had a lot to do with his ascent into the limelight over the years. Seen alongside the likes of Sway Calloway, the L.A. Leakers, and TeamBackPack, ANoyd’s rapping skills have been put on full display for quite some time. Back in his home state, ANoyd recently sat down with his hometown crew for a freestyle session on the Bars On I-95 series.

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Spitting over a soft, ambient instrumental from producer 2wo4our, ANoyd wastes no time, rapping slick about his come up in the Rap game and his vision of the world he grew up in. He rhymes, “I said I came to the fact / I’m one these industry execs speak highly of / But it’s all lip, you kiddin’? / The stuff Kylie does / Okay, I won’t get out of pocket like my I.D. stuck / Try’na go from the ugly duckling to Mighty Duck / I take pics with fans in they work clothes / That should let you know when you at work, I’m still at work though / Go ahead and pass me the torch / I’ll keep it lit for you / Trick candles if I blow the lee / It’s still difficult n***a / It’s stupid how people say what you should do with your money / In a part that could be a complete shocker / Person asks for a quarter, I’ll give ’em like three dollars / And be in the comments like, ‘Three dollars?’ / Why would you even bother? / And the fact that people dead-ass serious, it’s a problem / We obligated to get more ’cause we higher / Your opinion sees fire / Paper don’t fall on your lap like a passenger seat visor / Look, who considers this world is Simon says? / How they filming you dying? / Picture your body out of breath / People only look for shares / Don’t share to go climb ahead / Only recording you better do with my death is my time of death / So I feel like it’s just me and me.”

Later, ANoyd continues to get personal, rapping passionately about the unjust circumstances he grew up in and his desire to succeed and progress both as a rapper and as a man. He spits, “Don’t look me in my eye / Telling me the good die young / When the good should’ve never died in the first place / Struck a nerve / Like stutterers saying they other words / Jugulars, puppeteers, I’m handy for what occurs / The one cent and gave you a medal? / Knew you would come in third / I wrote my story, created the book, Mark Z*ckerberg / Unassured never these rookies up on the scene / I don’t trust you with the keys / Ni**a start with this tambourine / I live to see my picture hanging in the window overseas / ‘Cause when they see A on the glass, you know I’m clean.”

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To finish, ANoyd raps about his own legacy, and the rappers before him, like Nipsey Hussle, that paved the way. He charges, “That was me / Speak elegantly / I give you my rhyme book if you find someone better than me / My memory is elephant deep / With a shelf-life of a forever Twinkie / My state of residency / I bet it’s embedded in me / The throne is a seat for the royal / And genuinely / I would sit there / But I wanna progress professionally / I’ll always outgrow my throne intelligently / So this sh*t ain’t ever gonna sit right like the death of Nipsey / I’m a stay me and reinvent / ‘Cause we all live with a piece of him, within / In ten years I’ll say that s**t again / So, if you ask me what’s your phone service / I’ma tell you it’s a marathon, not a sprint / I wish we got every second back for a dollar spent.”