Tobe Nwigwe Makes Some Of The Best Music Videos In Hip-Hop & He Does It Weekly

In the modern music age, many artists are dropping at a grueling pace. From Hip-Hop legends like DJ Muggs and Ghostface Killah to dominant emerging voices such as Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine, staying prolific is seemingly part of the daily operation. Tobe Nwigwe has released three albums since 2018 kicked off. However, his #GetTwistedSundays series has fans checking each week for something new and visual.

Regardless how frequently it arrives, Tobe Nwigwe makes the kind of art that looks like it took weeks and months to create. His music videos feature elegant choreography and captivating productions. They also display his intricate lyricism and inventive rhyme structures. The same month he and Paul Wall released the stunning hometown “Juice” collaboration, Tobe’s latest entry, “This For You,” demonstrates the rare polish for someone so prolific.

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The song flaunts Tobe’s skills as an MC, a singer, a dancer, and a creative visionary. “Harder than crack cocaine / No lame / Could ever make me tap dance and shuck-and-jive like I’m Bo-Jang-Les / I got mo’ angles / Than a Rubik’s Cube / I’ve learned in life to weary of folk who fool wit’chu / Only ’cause they can see the anointed drip from yo’ cuticles / On everything you do / And they try’na escape the cubicle / In they own life / I got my own wife / And earned my own stripes / Angels see me and throw rice / In celebration of me evading temptations / And concentrating / On the manifestation / That’s in revelations / If you don’t get that then you hella basic / But it’s all gravy, we all need a facelift / Ooo / To get them wrinkles out the window to our spirit / My kinfolks blow indo to make God’s voice sound more coherent,” he spits near the top of the song. Behind him are vignettes of queens, children playing, and artful human expression and choreography.

As the beat (produced by Nell) adds a drum track, Tobe goes on to show his piety and persistence. “Been at the feet of God so long I give him pedicures / I need every penny, like creditors / Headed for the door of every debtor / For all the years I got slept on / And kept on / Creating classics like Van Gogh.” The verse drives to a chorus where Tobe salutes those who can relate to his experience and physical features. It is a celebration of survival and perseverance.

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In the final verse, the MC gets very specific about those H-Town circumstances he overcame. “I spit a verse for every hearse that’s in the earth due to a coward demon / Don’t call me ‘Tobe’ no more, call me To-Behemoth / My flows’ the meanest on a track when my soul is speaking / To those that’s grieving / All forms of hell / That comes to those that be in / The ghetto. The hood. The slums / Where they pack metal, hit juggs, for crumbs / ‘Cause the value of a human life ain’t high / Can’t cry / ‘Cause where I’m from subsequently taint my / View, on what be normal and what ain’t / Hell, I’m from where you kept it cordial or got slain / Grew up around folk who ain’t have morals or restraint / And felt immortal ’cause they could make a fortune off ‘caine.

Earlier this year, Tobe released THREE ORIGINALS, the third volume of his acclaimed album series. This song is currently a standalone single.

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In June, Tobe performed in a rendition of Main Source’s “Live At The Barbeque” alongside Black Thought, Yasiin Bey, Pharoahe Monch, DJ J. Period, and The Roots’ Stro Elliott. Ambrosia For Heads filmed the performance at the 2019 Roots Picnic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tobe also performed a solo set that day.

Music from Tobe is presently included on the official AFH Playlist.