Ghostface Killah’s New Album Uses Shaolin Soul To Teach The Youth (Audio)

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This month, Ghostface Killah released his latest solo endeavor. Titled Ghostface Killahs, the new, independent project involves Wu-Tang Clan partners Method Man, Inspectah Deck, and Masta Killa, as well as Cappadonna. Notably, G.F.K. also features some of the artists he’s been grooming for years, including Theodore Unit affiliates Solomon Childs and Shawn Wigs. Ghost’s oldest child, Sun God, is also featured (embedded below). Sun God has previously appeared on high-profile albums such as Fishscale, More Fish, and the Wu M*ssacre side-project with Raekwon and Meth.’

Among the 14 new tracks, one highlight is “New World.” The track features Eamon, who like Ghostface, is a native of Staten Island, New York. The retro-Soul singer who may be best remembered for 2003’s “F*ck It (I Don’t Want You Back)” joins G.F.K. for a song that combines a classic 1970s break-beat (care of Aaron Neville’s Allen Toussaint-produced single “Hercules”) with some musings on how we can collectively do better. The wise father is concerned about the world we are giving our kids.

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Feelin’ like OutKast, lay this stank on ya’ / Brothers givin’ dap, trappin’ on the street corner / B*tches wavin’ hi in the next man’s ride / ‘Cause she gotta pay them bills, trickin’ on the side / And the kids see so many stepfathers that’s alive / Drinkin’ all the Kool-Aid, f*ckin’ up the vibe / Man, there’s so many parents that just don’t understand / How to raise a child, educate ’em, teach ’em how to stand / And not to be a follower / People, we’re like toddlers / When there’s no love, the heart becomes more hollower,” begins G.F.K.

However, Ghost’ also shares his vision of a better society. “We can dominate the world with a plan / Stand next to each other, then we hold hands / Brothers and sisters, hey young world / Take it all with a grain of sand,” touts Ghost’, referencing Public Enemy and Slick Rick, before Eamon chimes in with his smoky vocal. The singer enhances the track.

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In the second verse, Ghostface breaks down the things he’s witnessed that his conscience cannot shake, while condemning the use of opioids. “The babies got it harder than ever / They’re callin’ ’em ‘The Internet Babies’ / Microwave, cellphone towers, fake foods, red meat, makes the state of mind crazy / Police killin’ brothers like it’s okay / It’s like modern-day slavery / Everybody, stand up / Man up / Don’t let these wild beasts bring us down and put they hands on us,” declares the respected lyricist. Previously, Action Bronson, Stalley, Biz Markie, and Young M.C. all re-purposed this break.

Notably, Eamon has worked with Vinnie Paz’s Enemy Soil label in recent years. He’s appeared on recent LPs by Vin and Jedi Mind Tricks. Earlier this year, Ghost’ worked with Inspectah Deck as well as 7L & Esoteric on Czarface Meets Ghostface. He also participated on Wu’s EP, released in conjunction with Sacha Jenkins’ Wu-Tang: Of Mics And Men. Ghost’ has been offering physical copies of Ghostface Killahs and merchandise bundles at his site.

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New music by Ghostface Killah is currently included on Ambrosia For Heads‘ official playlist.

#BonusBeat: For more G.F.K. over-top ’70s flavors, see “The Chase,” featuring Sun God: