Benny, Smoke DZA & Westside Gunn Glide Over Smooth Pete Rock Production (Video)

New York City’s Smoke DZA has been a close affiliate of the Griselda team since they first started gaining attention around 2015. He has featured on a number of their tracks and vice versa. So, when The Kushed God announced a joint EP with Benny The Butcher, it was no surprise. However, the fact Pete Rock was producing the whole thing was an unexpected win for fans of both artists. DZA and Rock did a celebrated album together in 2016 titled Don’t Smoke Rock. However, fans did not expect that their next collab would include Benny, especially so soon after Pete and Skyzoo’s acclaimed Retropolitan. Nevertheless, the combination of these three recording artists has made Statue Of Limitations one of the most anticipated releases this Fall. The fans stay winning.

With their collaborative offering dropping this weekend, this trio from all different parts of the Empire State decided to reward supporters with a video as well. Although “Drug Rap” was the lead single from Statue Of Limitations, they chose “7:30” to do visuals for. This piano-driven track features Westside Gunn doing his trademark mix of orating and rapping on the hook. He ends the chorus by bragging, “Took my Shady deal, copped a hundred things,” which seems perfectly timed since the Griselda holy trinity just unleashed their debut Shady single, “Dr. Bird’s,” this weekend as well.

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Benny is in the zone on this one. He sparks the cut some scorching bars, “Uh, this for the barbershops and liquor stores / I’m through pitching raw, but what I spent this week is what a brick would cost / I can tell you never been lit before / You the type to try to stunt with a b*tch that I hit before / In a drought, I caught my biggest score / When it was dry, no snow around like Santa took Christmas off / Your b*tch hit me, I just missed her call.” Yet another example of the Black Soprano Family boss-man being in his bag this year.

Smoke comes in smooth but serves up that high grade drug rap, “For the love of the Ben Franklins / Young ni**a took the pack on the Jitney base, he lived in the Hamptons / Back when the pounds were sixty-five / Wasn’t trippin’, was worth the hour, fifty-nine / Duffle full, seven plates of the bomb / The profit was sweet, the ticket was 48 at the time / In less than 48 hours, I was playin’ a dime / You was pump-faking, playing with time / Dinner with the plug, he had penne, but I don’t f*ck with the swine / It’s all love, he had more work for me that I couldn’t decline.”

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The visuals for “7:30” are directed by Rook, who uses a unique mix of stills and real time footage. The effect works best during the first chorus as WSG gets lively while spitting the refrain.

At AFH TV we have interviews with Benny, Pete Rock, and Westside Gunn, among many others. There is a whole Pete Rock video dedicated to Don’t Smoke Rock as well. We are currently offering free 7-day trials. Music by Smoke DZA, Benny, Wes’, and Pete is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.

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Press photograph provided by Cinematic Music Group.