Griselda’s First Song From Their Shady Records Album Shows They Will Never Sell Out

The Griselda crew signed with Shady Records in the Spring of 2017. Within a couple of months, Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine dropped the single “Machine G*n Black” under their duo name of Hall N Nash. The Just Blaze-produced joint includes an intro by Eminem, Benny The Butcher on the outro, and was later accompanied by a video. Many fans expected a steady flow of releases from Griselda’s roster with the added amplification that Shady has offered the likes of D12, 50 Cent, Bad Meets Evil, and Slaughterhouse. However, it was not until Conway dropped his Marshall Mathers-assisted “Bang” single this July that listeners got another joint venture between GxFR and Shady.

However, the crew did the opposite of wait their turn. Instead, Griselda transformed its brand and these three careers from underground sensations to the top of Rap. The tireless crew fed the streets and the Internet with an onslaught of independent releases. This year, Benny released the acclaimed Plugs I Met. Wes’s Supreme Blientele was named to Ambrosia For Heads‘ “Best Albums Of 2018,” and Conway delivers volume after volume of his pulp non-fiction, including Everybody Is Food 3.

Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny Will Never Compromise The Griselda Sound (AFH TV Video)

In the midst of this, came developments regarding Shady. Earlier in the year, WSG took to Instagram to assure supporters that the collective’s Shady debut was on its way, soon. Benny then revealed to AFH that the LP would be titled What Would Chinegun Do, and that it would be a group album from all three Buffalo, New York MCs. The camp now gives fans the lead single from their LP, “Dr. Bird’s.” The menacing track is produced by Daringer and Beat Butcha (who are said to be handling the whole project) and deploys the kind of eerie percussion that RZA used on Raekwon’s “Criminology” roughly 25 years ago. The plodding drums are paired with a xylophone sample that would not be out of place in a Horror movie. Named after a Caribbean food spot, the song is the perfect canvas for Conway, Benny, and Wes to get surgical with their bars. As B.E.N.N.Y., Wes’, and Conway recently told AFH TV, they have never previously made an album together. In springtime, they released the DJ Premier-produced video single, “Headlines.”

While each MC spits the kind of quality bars that prove their buzz is warranted, Conway blacks out in particular. After W.S.G. opens, The Machine hits the pocket. “Look, little brody let off his .30, he ain’t even flinch / Caught the body, dipped to the A, nobody seen him since / 560 Benz and I ain’t need the tints / My weakest scent cost more than ya mama need for rent / That’s just for one zip / The drum rip, leave you rinsed / Hide the body for a week and it’s gon’ leave a stench / Rappers come to my city, they gon’ need consent / ‘Cause we already know you p*ssy, we convinced / I told Virgil write ‘brick’ on my brick / The nicest with this sh*t / Ain’t write this, I just spit / White b*tch on my d*ck / This ice drip on my fist / No shoe deal, but look at all this Nike sh*t that I get.” His flow becomes almost percussive mid-way through his verse. Benny finishes things off with a verse that blends spaghetti dinners, street transactions, and popping designer tags.

Conway & Benny Pulverize 1 Of The Rawest & Realest Freestyles You Will Hear (Video)

Today, Benny and Smoke DZA also released Statue Of Limitations, a six-song EP entirely produced by Pete Rock.

Conway, Benny, and Westside Gunn’s conversation is available at AFH TV, as well as a Plugs I Met interview with The Butcher. We are currently offering free 7-day subscriptions. This song, and other selections by Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny are also currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.