Conway & Benny Pulverize 1 Of The Rawest & Realest Freestyles You Will Hear (Video)

Griselda Records is the winning team right now. Years of pressure, pain, and progress drafted the playbook that’s gotten them there. As Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine recently told AFH TV during a video interview, the Buffalo, New York movement was built brick-by-brick and bar-by-bar long before many they hit the radars of Eminem, JAY-Z, Pusha-T, or legions of hardcore Hip-Hop fans.

Now with Shady Records backing and Roc Nation management, the only that has changed is the profile. Wes’, Con’, and Benny are still dedicated MCs who clearly love making unique their brand of Rap music. Even with all the attention, they pour out projects. This year, Conway served fans Everybody Is F.O.O.D. 3), Benny supplied The Plugs I Met, and most recently, W.S.G. pitched Flygod Is An Awesome God. What’s more, the label (as well as B.E.N.N.Y’s Black Soprano Family imprint) is putting others in position too. From El Camino and Rick Hyde to RJ Payne, the infrastructure is making sure that more hard-nosed spitters share this shine.

Benny Releases The Video For His Most Autobiographical Song

That is what happened when The Machine and Benny stopped by The L.A. Leakers Show. Like he did at Sway In The Morning in May, Rick Hyde sets things off with an impressive display. Benny bats next over the Freeway and Young Gunz’ “Full Effect” instrumental, as produced by Just Blaze.

I just put a stash-house in the Palisades / Clothesline a brick like I’m Diamond Dallas Page / I was frontin’ a ni**a work, and I was half his age / I ran around with nappy braids / Sellin’ dog-food, crack, and ‘caine / Now it’s matching chains / I’ll tell you how to stack your change / And triple / Spend a little / Never mix it with the cash you save / I don’t like these ni**as, I forget these rappers’ names,” jabs the MC who released his “5 To 50” video last week. Benny is worked up driving home his narrative from Montana Avenue to L.A.’s Power 106.

Eminem’s 1st Griselda Collaboration Starts With A Bang Alongside Conway (Audio)

Next, Conway goes off the rails with passion and personal details in his set. “Look, I don’t know a ni**a that hate Rap ni**as more than me / ‘Cause the ni**as that’s dissin’ us is broke, and 43 / Type of ni**as that catch a case and don’t got the lawyer fee / Type to smile up in your face and don’t got no loyalty / Remember, ni**as wouldn’t lend me no help / So I did it on my own, ni**a, I built it myself.” A few bars later, The Machine recalls the shooting that altered his face. “My heart been empty ever since I had my injuries dealt / I got shot, I got hit in my helmet / But when water get too deep, you either drown or start swimming like Phelps / Ni**a, you smell the lobster tail and shrimp when I belch / I don’t f*ck with too many ni**as, they ain’t as real as myself / And I got this acquisition of wealth / I put so much fire on the streets it’ll make the sole on your Timberlands melt.

Conway keeps going with more of that lyrical heat. “Not bad for the guy whose face paralyzed / From gettin’ shot in his neck and the back of his head and nearly died / But as far as catalogs, you ni**as can’t compare to mines / Pour the Henny’ on my bullet wounds, that’s how I sterilize / Watch me terr*rize / I don’t follow rules / And I don’t respect the opinions of ni**as with hollow jewels.” Moments later, he laughs off accolades he does not need.

Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny Will Never Compromise The Griselda Sound (AFH TV Video)

He also hints towards his Shady debut, God Don’t Make Mistakes. Last month he released “Bang” alongside Eminem, a song co-produced by Griselda’s longtime sonic visionary, Daringer. “After this project I’m droppin’, what more I gotta prove? / You see a ‘Freshmen’ cover. Me? I just see a lot of food / I see you ni**as tryin’ to take the formula / And make it cornier / I’m warnin’ ya,” he charges. He continues, “You can’t name a crew that flow today / That’s f*ckin’ me, just think, Everybody Is Food was a throwaway.” At the end, he touts, “I ain’t bring New York back, I put Buffalo in the front!

Conway, Benny, and Westside Gunn’s conversation is available at AFH TV, as well as a Plugs I Met interview with The Butcher. We are currently offering free 7-day subscriptions. Selections from The Plugs I Met and Tana Talk 3 are also presently on the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.