Twista & A-F-R-O Bridge 2 Generations Of Rapid Fire Flows To A Diamond D Beat (Video)

In May of 2019, Diggin’ In The Crates co-founder Diamond D released The Diam Piece 2 album. The 16-track LP features Raekwon, Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Elzhi, David Banner, and Xzibit, as well as many more that have worked with the Bronx producer/MC/DJ over a career that dates back 30 years.

Released through his Dymond Mine/EMPIRE, Diamond has been aggressive with the visuals. He released “Maintaining” featuring Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz, and a-Kash, “I Can’t Lose” featuring Elzhi and Blake Moses, “Watch Yo Back” featuring Buckshot, General Steele, and Rockness, before “Bodied,” featuring David Banner, Big Rec, and Edson Sean. Now comes “Hold Up,” featuring A-F-R-O, Dillon, and onetime Guinness record-holder, Twista.

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When speaking to AFH TV earlier this year, Diamond D went into detail about the process of making the record. He said, “For a while, I just had Twista’s verse. So I’m like, ‘Yo, who can I put on here that can at least keep up with Twista?’ I was about to put [the song] on hold for The Diam Piece 3.” Once D’s engineer, Amond Jackson, suggested to add A-F-R-O to the track, he had a change of heart. He adds, “I wasn’t thinking about A-F-R-O, because I already had a solo joint from A-F-R-O that I’m gonna release [on my next album]. Then I said, ‘f*ck it,’ and I just shot it to him. Man, yo, A-F-R-O said as soon as he heard it, he jumped on it. He sent me the vocals maybe two days later. He jumped right on it.” The self-proclaimed “best producer on the mic” went on to say, “In the case with Twista, I just shot him the beat. I said, ‘I don’t really have no concept for the beat at this point. But wherever you take it, whoever I put on there will have to follow your lead.’ That’s all I told him. When I got it back, I was blown away.”

The video showcases the three MCs spitting gasoline infused freebees while the audience can hear Diamond’s haunting piano keys playing over a strong drum kick. Even though the lyricists are present in their separate hometowns, the video’s transitions complement the artists’ flow in such a way that the viewer may feel that they are in the same space.

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First on the mic is A-F-R-O. “F-R-O in a particular mind / The flow ridiculous/ So inconspicuous / I do it with the pride,” the R.A. The Rugged Man protege begins. “Either I’m ready to prove that even at my level that the fellow flow and skills are incredibly sharp / Hold up, meant to be the head, Don Corleone / Beat em’ dead, feed em’ lead, speak the best audio flow / You don’t know how to party, well then you ought to go home / It gotta be a body the way that my cardio go.” Veteran Dillon, who has worked with Diamond in the past, then comes in with the hook.

The Tung Twista holds nothing back by rhyming, “Locomotion when I get up in the race / I was itching to get up in the place / So I can spit in your face / I was searching for a beat like Diamond D, I was downstairs diggin’ in the crates / Hold up, an Immaculate ni**a from the East Coast; I’m from the Midwest / Just creeping / So let’s just peep it / Twista on a beat by the producer for the video for ‘Best Kept Secret’ / Hold up, even make a lion fear / When I am near / Pioneers is something when I appear / On the track with a veteran / It be something like medicine / And the sh*I be so potent it be giving them diarrhea.

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Diamond D has always impressed with his ability to DJ, Producer, and MC. It’s no wonder how he has truly stood the test of time, and seemingly so effortlessly. So, while the masses patiently wait on the release of The Diam Piece 3, make sure to check out The Diam Piece 2 on vinyl or digitally streaming everywhere.

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