Scarface’s Political Agenda Is Just Like His Music: Revolutionary (Video)

Scarface is the latest guest on The Connect Podcast. Hosted by fellow Houston, Texas native and longtime ‘Face collaborator Slim Thug, as well as O.G. Chi, Rico, and DJ Young Samm, the H-Town cast interviewed Brad Jordan at length. The interview was filmed as the legendary MC-turned-politician advanced one step closer to a seat on Houston City Council, as reported Saturday (November 9).

As a guest on the show, Scarface detailed his pre-Rap-A-Lot Records music career as well as an unreleased song that JAY-Z created for ‘Face to rap on. He also opened up about Def Jam Records signing him in the early 2000s to a $2-plus-million-dollar contract. Serving as the President of Def Jam South, Brad also recalls signing Ludacris, while unsuccessfully trying to convince the label brass to ink T.I., David Banner, Rick Ross, and Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, among others.

Scarface Is One Giant Step Closer To Winning A Seat On The Houston City Council

Insisting that he is done with releasing Rap albums, Scarface opened up about what he’d like to do with his life now. At 1:08:00, the Geto Boys member says that he hopes his music legacy will serve as a lucrative revenue stream. “I’ve got to keep my hands on my royalties. I’ve got a f*ckin’ 30-year catalog, Slim.” Thugga suggests that the discography should expand by way of more songs. “I ain’t droppin’ no new sh*t, man.” The former Swishahouse artist says he has a beat ready. “I can’t rap. [Laughs] I can’t rap no more, Slim.”

“What drove you to this [political career]? What do we really need in these communities?” asks Chi. “I think more than anything, we need opportunity in these communities,” Face replies. “Like, you don’t need to bring a company from Ohio into your neighborhood to rebuild that muh’f*cka. In order to rebuild your neighborhood, you should be hiring muh’f*ckas from inside your neighborhood to be working the [jobs]. That’s how you grow a community; you grow that muthaf*cka from the inside out. You don’t grow it from the outside in. You can’t [just] bring [outsourced jobs] to make the muh’f*cka look good—and ain’t nobody in there can afford to stay there no more. Like, we gotta put us down again. Like, we ain’t puttin’ us down.”

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Scarface then points to former Atlanta, Georgia mayor Maynard Jackson, who arranged many civic upgrades, including an airport renovation, with emphasis on creating jobs and avoiding resident displacement. “He built that f*ckin’ airport, and probably [created] more muh’f*ckin’ millionaires than the NFL,” Scarface touts. “[Mayor Maynard Jackson] put ni**as down! He put Black people down, bro. That’s important. Like I said, I ain’t got problems with nobody. If you’re Hispanic, get you some money. If you’re a woman, get you some money. If you’re white, get you some money. Fine! But don’t leave us out! Dude, me, I want to take Black people out of the minority business pool. Because it’s a sh*t-show in the minority business pool—everybody’s in there! Everybody‘s in there.”

Rico asks, “Do you think we’re holding ourselves back?” “Hell no!” Scarface replies. “You’ve got somebody over the top pullin’ the f*ckin’ strings, man. That’s what I hate most about us: we always point the finger at each other for our have-nots, for what we don’t have. It’s not our fault; we’re programmed like this. We don’t know no better, bro. Them muh’f*ckas handcuffed us, shackled us, and floated us at the bottom of a f*cking ship for months to get over here to work us for free, to r*pe our grandmothers, to kill our grandfathers, to sell off our cousins and nieces and brothers and sisters and sh*t. And ain’t nobody addressing this, bro! Ain’t nobody puttin’ no money up to try to cure and fix what they f*cked up.”

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Jordan says that bloodlines and families are separated by oceans, doing permanent damage. “We don’t know who we are. Like, we have no f*ckin’ clue!” Moments later, he declares, “Man, my enemy don’t look like me, bro…I don’t look at y’all ni**as as my enemy. My enemy is standing in my backyard, pullin’ a gun on me, shooting me through my f*ckin’ window! That’s my f*ckin’ enemy.”

Asked to elaborate, Scarface speaks on changes he wants to see in policing. “If we don’t understand each other, then there’s no way that we can be compassionate about each other. I’m saying that to say this: if you have never been a brother of the struggle, then why are you trying to police my community? Why is this white boy, who has no compassion for us, whatsoever, in our neighborhood, policing us?” Brad Jordan also refutes the notion that most white officers are scared of the Black population. “Nah, they shoot you in your back while you’re running. That’s how scared they are of you. They don’t give a f*ck about you, bro. You got homeboys [on the police force]? They should be responsible for policing [their own communities]. We should be responsible for policing ourselves.” He elaborates that “community” refers to ethnicity more than location. Slim Thug suggests that the notion would be perceived as racist. Face responds, “Bullsh*t. You know what’s racist? When you’re riding up 288 in your f*ckin’ Cadillac with your roof open and your elbows out [the window], and the police get behind you and pull you [over], that’s f*ckin’ racist! You know what’s racist? When you read f*ckin’ text messages from a police officer, and he calling us ‘ni**ers.’ That’s racist. When the President of the United States can call Africa and [its] countries that have Black people in them ‘sh*t-hole countries,’ that’s f*cking racist. For a country that has committed so many heinous crimes against a group of people, and all they’re doing is apologizing and sh*t, but they’re not fixing the problem—that’s f*cking racist.”

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Scarface insists on reparations. “Pay the money.” He rhetorically answers the question of how. “Put a $5 million credit behind our names, bro, and let us get our house, and our business, and our corny 40 acres and a muthaf*ckin’ mule. Hell no, I don’t wanna go out and buy no Rolexes; I want to start me a business. Action.”

Chi suggests that there needs to be an emphasis on creating a family structure. Scarface contends, “You know, when you look at Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Michael Jordan, Clyde [Drexler], [Hakeem] Olajuwon, Warren Buffett, Tilman [Fertitta], and these mothaf*ckas, you thought they at odds? You looking at Jay and Drake and me and Slim, are we at odds? My ni**a, we got money. Imagine if all of us had money. The only thing that’s gonna keep us at odds with each other is money—the lack of money.” He uses the table to illustrate a possible business cooperation. Later in the conversation, Scarface says that the credit should be monitored, and used on things like residences and necessities, not luxury items. The funds would be stored in a reparations account, separate from any recipient’s personal finances.

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Slim Thug says, “That ain’t gonna happen, though.” Scarface interjects, “It will happen, though!” Thugga says, “From them people?” Face replies, “You gotta hold them muthaf*ckas accountable. All you’ve got to do is put the right people in place.” The show host expresses doubt. Brad Jordan doubles down. “Slim, put the right people in place, and have an agenda. All you gotta do is go and vote for it. If you had a mothaf*cka who was a governor—say I was a governor, and that was my plan, and all it took was 100,000 Black people to vote for that sh*t—they could put me in, and I could put that sh*t in effect immediately—why wouldn’t you do that? Are you that scared of yourself where you don’t want to have no money? Put the right people in play.”

He finishes his thought, “You can’t tell me that Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump is smarter than us, bro. We took nothing and made it and turned it into everything. Imagine if we had something.” Moments later, he says that the key lacking factor is resources. “Money fixes our f*ckin’ problems.”

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Next month, voters will learn if Brad Jordan moves closer to his first position in public office.

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