E-40 & Scarface Are Making An Album. Their 1st Ever Collabo Is A Preview

After nearly 60 combined years in the game, E-40 and Scarface just released a landmark collaboration less than a week ago. From 40 Water’s brand-new 26-track Practice Makes Paperalbum, “Watch The Homies” offers O.G. wisdom from the breakout stars of The Click and The Geto Boys, respectively.

The 2019 Vallejo, California and Houston, Texas collaboration has legs. Although these two MCs have a host of close mutual associates including Tupac Shakur, Spice 1, and Yukmouth, they have not properly worked together despite all the years in the game. In a fresh conversation with Cece & Romeo at Los Angeles, California’s KDAY, E-40 recalls the turning point and the major outcome.

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“I always wanted to do something with them,” 40 says before the 2:00-mark of a Practice Makes Paper guest-list that includes Method Man, Redman, and Scarface. “I been knowing Brad Jordan since 1992. I used to be in Houston all the time with Lil J and them,” he says of Rap-A-Lot Records founder and Geto Boys creator J. Prince. “So [about] six months ago, I was like, ‘Brad, we been knowing each other since 1992. What we gonna do? We pot’nas and everything; it’s nothing but love, but we ain’t done a record together. What’s wrong with us?’ He said, ‘Earl, when you coming out here?'” When promoting his Sluricane pre-mixed cocktail brand, 40 Water hit H-Town. “He pulled up. Once he did his verse, he was like, ‘Earl, you inspired me to rap. Man, I ain’t been doin’ nothin’ but being a vegan and golfing.'” 40 laughs talking about Scarface’s health transformation and love of the links.

E-40 continues, “We’re doing an EP. Me and Scarface are doing an EP; it’s official. Matter of fact—he said album. ‘Cause I said EP; he said ‘No, Earl. Let’s do an album.‘ I said, ‘It’s official. Let’s do it.'”

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“Watch The Homies” begins with 40 offering words of caution. “All I know is gouda and I stay with protection / In case a sucka muthaf*cka get to flexin’ / If them fools get in my business and they askin’ me questions / I ain’t about to do no tellin’ or confessin’ / My grind is aggressive, it ain’t no draggin’ my feet / It ain’t no pumpin’ my brakes, mayne, my family gotta eat / I don’t know everything, but I know enough / I know it’s sick out here and they’ll call your bluff.” Brad Jordan (who, last month, announced plans to formally use that name from now on) raps, “Listen, it’s a whole lotta wisdom being given for free / By O.G.’s / That done lived this, hear this? The whole hood full of zombies / Walkin’ around this b*tch try’na take something from me / It’s all about the money / As I sit back and reminisce on how it done me / One minute it’s all good wit’ ya pot’na / The next minute we tryna figure out who shot ya.” The forecast is grim, but the wisdom is powerful.

Apart from The Click, 40 has done two collaboration albums with fellow Bay veteran Too Short. Last year, he and Click co-founder (who is also his cousin) B-Legit released Connected And Respected. Meanwhile, Scarface has released group work with the Geto Boys, Facemob, and The Product. Rap-A-Lot’s J. Prince spoke to AFH TV about the rumored plans for a Tupac collaborative 2 Face album. Face is also reportedly working on a project with DJ Quik where both men are said to be playing instruments as well as rapping.

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