CZARFACE Take It Back To The Essence On A New Album. Listen Here (Audio)

The New York-to-New England super-group known as CZARFACE returns with their third album of the year. Following a 2018 album with MF DOOM, and early ’19’s LP with Ghostface Killah, the collective of Inspectah Deck, 7L, and Esoteric present The Odd Czar Against Us as a return to core family. No guests, no problem.

The punfully-titled Odds Czar Against Us bookends a masterful decade full of collaborative work that has found artists like DOOM, Conway The Machine, Action Bronson, Vinnie Paz, and Meyhem Lauren bullying MCs and beats with serious aplomb. The group’s recent full-length album continues their tradition of wrestling mics with Esoteric this time doing most of the verbal suplexes, and Deck as more of a Paul Heyman-esque presence.

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Deck and Esoteric have been trading verses for a while now, so hearing the two go back-and-forth on songs such as “Double Dragon” and “Bizarro” is like hearing The New Day during their WWE championship run. The duo challenges any would-be opponents to try their best. Over 7L’s warbled, otherworldly beat, “Bizarro” is “tough as an armored truck, and proves that it is hard for any rapper to go toe-to-toe with these great ones.

CZARFACE’s The Odd Czar Against Us as a playlist:

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Similar to “Bizarro” with the creatively selected samples and electrified boom-bap beat, “Dear Computer” speaks to today’s need of people being viral for “10 minutes of fame, where everyone likes you.” The Rebel INS reads the riot act for those who start fake beefs, hype-beasts, and are all-around Twitter-finger superheroes. Esoteric follows up with some virus-inducing flows that take spies and Trump supporters to task for adding on to the mania we experience on and off-line.

“Burrito,” which is one of the standout cuts on the 12-track album, uses a lithe beat, 7L’s patented turntables, and superior storytelling skills from Esoteric to talk about an incident at a Mexican fast-food restaurant. The Odd Czar Against Us finishes the decade in the core way that these three veterans formed.

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Press image provided by CZARFACE.