D Smoke Shows He’s Much More Than A Winner Of A Rap Competition (Video)

After impressing judges T.I., Cardi B. and Chance the Rapper and winning Netflix’s Hip-Hop competition show, Rhythm & Flow, D Smoke has finally released his first music video this week in support of his debut album, Inglewood High.

The LP was released back in October, a few weeks after the show made its debut on Netflix. It spans 21-minutes with seven tracks. The new visual is for the single “Lil’ Red,” which shows the rapper weaving through lyrics in English and Spanish while detailing the story of a character who went down the wrong path in life.

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The video shows a child being bombarded with roughhousing grown peers, signifying an upbringing that encourages violence and aggression. With images of a woman bearing a child and D Smoke peering in his rear view mirror at the young adult, “Lil’ Red” is fully realized. D Smoke raps: “A lil’ motherf*cker with the will to kill / Another real motherf*cker, he peeled his shield / And it never yielded, never been to Brazil / Motherf*cker, never seen the other side of the wheel, motherf*cker / Manipulated by the older generation / Never gave a f*ck about they integration / Into a world where they had a label with patience / He’d rather have them flames in his laces.” Smoke’s fast-flow over Woah Beast’s production only slows down for the song’s hook, which Smoke repeats: “Lil’ Red, Lil’ Red / Took that game to the head / Cook that slang for the bread / Bookbag hang with a TEC / Lil’ Red, Lil’ Red / Got three chains on his neck / Papi chained in the feds / Rocky, bang with the best.”

D Smoke proves that he’s a voice in Rap that can hold his own, outside of Netflix’s competition show. Only time will tell how the rapper develops his own lane for the future of his career.