Skillz Raps Up 2019 & He Does It With 20/20 Vision (Audio)

For many Hip-Hop Heads, New Years is not a holiday without Mad Skillz. The Richmond, Virginia veteran MC (and DJ) closes the book on 2019 with a tradition that nearly goes back to Y2K. The “2019 Rap Up” is here, just ahead of many fans’ celebrations, reflection, and ringing in a new year and decade.

Highlights from the 2019 rendition include commentary on Surviving R. Kelly, and Gayle King’s subsequent interview with the currently detained singer. Skillz recaps Jussie Smollett’s scandal, Game Of Thrones‘ disappointing final season, and A$AP Rocky’s Swedish arrest and incarceration. Skillz also weaves in Hip-Hop references to 21 Savage’s legal battle, DaBaby and Meg Thee Stallion’s meteoric rise, and 50 Cent coming to collect his bread from people he loaned money to.

It’s Official! February 13 Is Mad Skillz Day

After announcing that he has yet to try Popeye’s chicken sandwich, Skillz spits, “Eddie came back, same for Chappelle / Hov came back too, but with the NFL / The NBA let the boy Melo’ back / Hey NFL, why couldn’t y’all do that for Kaep’? / Man, something gotta change, I had done enough / Plus, I know they gotta feel a way, when they see us / So yeah, I got a grudge / Kill a Black man in his house, go to court for it, and you get a hug? / That’s just crazy; I don’t believe it / Lizzo had the juice and made sure y’all seen it.” After Lizzo, he bigs up Lil Nas X for his breakout success.

At the close of the bars, Skillz honors Nipsey Hussle and nods to others lost this year. He ends on a promising note. “Be kind to one another, take life serious.

Skillz: Where It All Began (AFH TV Video)

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