Your Old Droog’s New Song Features Prodigy Over Alchemist Production (Audio)

2019 showcased that Brooklyn, New York rapper Your Old Droog seemingly never stops working. The veteran artist dropped three full-length albums in the year to keep fans eating: It Wasn’t Even Close in April, Transportation two months later, and his latest album, Jewelry, which released in the closing days of the year. In between his projects, he’s also hopped on tracks with peers, including Mach-Hommy, Homeboy Sandman and Wiki. Droog is serious about his work.

Now today, in continuing proving his output is both substantial and impressive, Y.O.D shows Heads that he’s not ready to take a break in 2020. In typical Droog fashion, the rapper dropped a surprise release in the form of a loosie, with a track called “Crab Cakes,” featuring the late Mobb Deep co-founder Prodigy, and a beat by The Alchemist. What’s not a surprise is the grimy, dusty and gritty magic the trio serve us together.

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Over an eerie piano-loop by ALC, Droog kicks off the track almost immediately. He raps on-point, sending two-pronged warning shot bars at enemies.

P, who passed in 2017, delivers a second verse. The third verse has Droog and Prodigy exchange bars back and forth, keeping it as devilish as Alchemist intended the haunting track to be.

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New music by Your Old Droog is currently on the official Ambrosia For Heads Playlist.