Chubb Rock Gets Political Alongside Dumi Right (Audio)

MC Dumi Right first burst on the scene as a member of Zimbabwe Legit, along with Akim Ndlovu. The group made Hip-Hop history when they among the first African Hip-Hop artists to gain recognition in the United States. The duo debuted just as Afro-Centrism was on the rise in 1992 with “Doin’ Damage in My Native Language,” produced by Mista Lawnge of Black Sheep. Unfortunately, the label they were signed to, Hollywood BASIC (Organized Konfusion, Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, Raw Fusion, Hi-C), folded shortly after that—with no album.

Throughout the years, Dumi and Zimbabwe Legit have been consistently making music and touring across the globe. Dumi’s last album Doing It The Right Way, features Nikki Giovanni, YZ, and Mike G of the Jungle Brothers. Always taking his craft seriously, Dumi noted in a Medium article, “I want the folks that listen to my music to come away with something valuable. Think about the influence you have. Music is powerful, words are powerful, and you might not reach everybody, but you’ll reach people, and once you get that affirmation back, I know I’m gonna keep going.” 

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Armed with that conviction, for his latest offering, Dumi once again collaborates with legendary Brooklyn, New York MC and media personality Chubb Rock for a fiery track titled We Don’t Need” provides a commentary on the state of the world.

The politically-charged track addresses the multi-faceted nature of oppression that includes corruption in politics, pervasive injustice, the lack of accountability, unjust wars, and self-serving leaders. It’s a call to action from some of Hip-Hop’s finest.

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Bringing the electrifying energy and raw lyricism that he’s revered for, Dumi spits: “Highest expectations that you had for me, exceed that /Wanted emancipation then your mind you need to free that /Focused on the destination / Looking for some inspiration /Not enough oxygen, anaerobic respiration / Inhale exhale gotta keep breathing / Looking for someone of something we can believe in / What we need is justice and someone held accountable / Gonna make it even though the odds are insurmountable.

The usually laid-back, easy-going Chubb Rock spits an insightful verse that critiques the current President and administration with vicious clarity. At the top of his 16, sounding fed up with the current affairs of the good ole U.S.A., the Flatbush MC declares, “I’m not really political, but enough is enough.” Chubb spits, “Obama is gone, you know who came / For my sanity…I won’t say his name / Immigrants, no shame / He brings pain / His methods, man, it’s all in vain / His pop’s wore hoods, white ones / Dirty minds, filthy, no Dyson / He hires people at whims / He hires people who sin / The fate of the world in the grip of his palm  /His whole cabinet came from

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Dumi and Chubb’s chemistry is organic and undeniable on “We Don’t Need.” The two MCs are a formidable combination with dexterous lyricism, a head-nodding beat, and a relevant message that speaks directly to the times were living in.

Press photograph of Dumi Right provided by artist.

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