D Smoke’s Latest Video Sends A Powerful Message About Ownership

Buy land, not jewels” is a “Black Habit” that many of us can get behind.

It’s been just over a week since D Smoke’s debut album, Black Habits, hit streaming services, and the Inglewood, California MC/singer doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. A fan-favorite and standout representative of this new class of rappers, D Smoke follows his “No Commas” music video with a visual for project’s title track.

D Smoke Spits A Freestyle That’s Hard As Nails & In 2 Different Languages (Video)

Traveling down to one of the places where strange fruit took root, the bayous of Louisiana, D Smoke narrates the listener through the trials and tribulations of Blackness, while offering game on how to break generational curses and traumas. Directed by Child. and featuring Jackie Gouche, “Black Habits” sets us on a plantation owned by a white slaveholder family. With D Smoke looking like Jamie Foxx from that Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained movie, horse-mounted overseers and slaves are scattered amongst a cotton field as a circle of African women share a ceremonial dance tied to the song’s hook.

I’m black as the concrete, black as the street that’s lined with the palm trees / I’m black as the night sky when you broke and your bread and your bacon just don’t meet / Black as the bottom of Chuck Taylors, Black on some ‘F*ck Haters’ / Black as the burned rubber hitting’ donuts in front of the store where two months later / They got stopped and the cops found a black burner underneath the seat on some Nat Turner / Black as the judge’s robe when the case closed, now your life on the backburner,” D rhymes while transitioning from atop a horse on the plantation to switching lanes in a cruising whip in the night.

D Smoke Shows He’s Much More Than A Winner Of A Rap Competition (Video)

Carrying us from tragedy to triumph, D Smoke shows the value of investing in items that are assets and not liabilities. The video closes with him finalizing a deal on the very home that once enslaved his African ancestors, which is a dream of many in real life, but as D Smoke signs the closing papers, those words “Buy land not jewels” serve as a stark reminder that the power of Blackness is bred from the earth.