D Smoke Spits A Freestyle That’s Hard As Nails & In 2 Different Languages (Video)

Before rapper D Smoke’s new album, Black Habits, drops tomorrow (February 7), the bilingual MC drops another attention-grabbing freestyle to promote the cause.

The winner of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow connected with The L.A. Leakers to lay down some Black History-inspired bars over the OutKast’s self-produced 22-year-old Southern-fried jam, “Rosa Parks.” Coming through like a sanctified wrecking ball, D Smoke made sure to let listeners know that his next work isn’t nothing to gloss over when New Music Friday arrives.

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See, I grew up in a town where everything red / Followed older brother, word to everything said / Like, money over b*tches, thinkin’ everything bread / In reality, wore hand-me-downs ’cause everything shared,” he begins. Then, Smoke fumes, “Creatively impaired, why ni**as scared to be different?/ Under-exposed, over-stimulated children / Are born targets of marketing ploys / Intellect rarely employed / Make decisions based on indigenous wisdom / They take away our freedom, and give a ni**a religion / But still we build a kingdom workin’ with minimal resources / And still we rep our colors.

Right there, he slides into high-potency: “F*ck a mixtape, boy, this is an album / A little bit more Huey than Malcolm / A little bit more Malcolm than Martin / But we ain’t f*ckin’ with Condoleezza or Sharpton / I’ma release an album that probably incite a riot / Probably inspire kids to become a little fighter pilot / And that sh*t gon’ slap ’til the masses go out and buy it / We got a fascist in office / That’s better in coffin / Cuttin’ MediCare while the veterans coughin’ / Findin’ employment is like findin’ a Laker in Boston / You can remain dormant, waitin’ for savior in office / While I get up, get out, get somethin’ / Give myself reason to celebrate / And when the sh*t get bad, stay at peace and meditate / And when my family gather ’round, we can elevate,” D Smoke raps in this charged-up freestyle. From that point onward, he emphatically spits the rest of his freestyle in complete Spanish.

Raised in a musical family, D Smoke’s whole kin are blessed with the gift of song. From his brother SiR, who is signed to TDE, to his cousin Tiffany Gouché, who has written songs for The Pussycat Dolls, D Smoke’s rise to the top is focused and well-needed in the game today.

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Last October, he released his debut Inglewood High, a seven-track project that came on the eve of him becoming the inaugural winner of the three-week Netflix series. He would go on to perform “Cross On Jesus Back,” a song he did for The Game’s album Born 2 Rap, at the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards.

The rollout has been busy amid visuals for “Lil’ Red” and “Honey Jack,” and “No Commas” (embedded below). “This body of work brings the listener into my home,” D Smoke said of the album. “Don’t get it f*cked up, there’s love in here.”

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Black Habits is slated to feature appearances from Snoop Dogg, Jill Scott, Ari Lennox, his brother SiR, and more.

Press photograph provided by D Smoke.

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