Wayne Brady Rips 2020’s 1st 5 Fingers Freestyle & It’s Completely Off The Top (Video)

Wayne Brady may be known for hosting shows, improv comedy, and legendary Chappelle’s Show cameo, but he’s nice on the mic. The 47-year-old Columbus, Georgia native has rocked Sway In The Morning (and DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 radio show) with freestyles before. But he’s back, with the first “Five Fingers Of Death” spot for 2020. “I don’t wanna hear talk about how I’m gonna do this freestyle I wrote last night, no! The freestyle is when you’re searching for words and trying to put things together, and you have naked fear in your heart,” Brady tells Sway. “But, you’re able to use that fear to put stuff together.”

With those words, the multi-talented Wayne Brady set the bar high for 2020. In a new variation to the “Five Fingers Of Death,” where Brady would have to freestyle over five different beats while answering and responding to questions that he’d have to pull out of a gold bag at random.

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In the ensuing display, Brady does not stop the flow or succumb to the “valley of the hyenas,” answering questions about the easiness of forgiveness, changing his first name, and the biggest check he’s ever received—all off the top of the dome. “If I had to change my first name, what would it be? / If I had to change my first name, let me see? / My first name, let me see, would be great / It might be ‘King’ because it would be ornate,” he rhymes.

With his confidence batting a thousand, Wayne Brady calmly wrecks the mic in a way that will make it hard for other MCs to do as flawlessly as he. While expressing a hint of regret over dropping $100,000 on a car early in his career, Brady delves into his tax auditor’s bag. “I paid, maybe, a couple mil for a house / I paid for checks, gave some to my spouse / I paid for checks because I ain’t no fool / I pay about 50 grand for private school,” the comedian rhymes over the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Kick In The Door” instrumental, as produced by DJ Premier.

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He also finds the pocket of “Feel Me Flow” while equally honoring the legacy of Naughty by Nature in song, confessing that Twizzlers are “the worst candy of all time,” and closes out with a history lesson on the biggest check he ever received. “I’m starring on a show, and they gave me like 15 dollars and a handshake / Now what sense does that make? / After the first show was finished though, I had a development deal, and they offered me dough / I went from making dot-zero-zero / To making dot-zero-zero-zero-zero,” Brady raps, proving his worth over Arrested Development’s “People Everyday” beat.

Wayne Brady is guaranteed money when it comes to delivering smart and funny lines all off of the top of the dome, which leaves no room for doubt that the 2019 winner of The Masked Singer is a tried-and-true freestyler.