Floyd Mayweather Got Out Of A $750K Deal & Then Made $750 Million (Video)

Following a high-profile interview with Lil Wayne, champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is the latest guest on Drink Champs. As a guest on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s series, “Money Mayweather” opened up for over two hours on the show during Super Bowl weekend. Although he did not drink or smoke, he offered plenty to the show.

There, the 42-year-old Grand Rapids, Michigan native spoke at length (in several places) about the prospects of a future fight. He detailed the misunderstanding with 50 Cent that led to a business fallout between the two celebrity friends (@ 33:00). He also explained his differences with T.I., and why he feels the rapper (who released a diss track exactly one year ago aimed at the boxing legend) is a hypocrite (@ 1:05:00). Late in the interview, The Money Team founder brought his oldest son along and discussed his dedication to being a father.

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However, much of the interview is focused on “Money Mayweather’s” business acumen. At 48:50, Noreaga asks Floyd about moving his televised boxing events from HBO to the Showtime network. “Let’s not say ‘switch’ ’cause [that] makes it sound like I st*bbed them in the back. No, I didn’t do that,” begins Mayweather. “We’re not gonna say that. This is what happened. People don’t know this: when I got my first deal, I got my first deal with HBO [around] the late ’90s or the early 2000s. [DeMarcus Deon] ‘Chop Chop’ Corley was my last HBO fight, actually. Nobody knew that I was just on a fight-to-fight [contract]. I was fighting on a fight-to-fight basis with HBO. For years.”

He continues, “I took my vacation. I came home. So I went to HBO and said, ‘This is the deal I need.’ The deal was the biggest deal in sports history.” Floyd refutes alleged claims from Canelo Alvarez that he has the biggest deal. “Y’all what I’m getting; I post my checks,” says the boxing mogul, who hands N.O.R.E. his $2 million wristwatch while continuing his answer.

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Mayweather says, “I told HBO, ‘this is what I need.’ They said, ‘Nobody’s gonna give you that deal.'” Floyd pointed out that in addition to becoming a superstar fighter, his show, 24/7, had become an award-winning program. “Then I said, ‘If we don’t make this happen, you know how big I am. I’m colossal; y’all must not know.’ So I went over to Showtime and made Showtime the A-side. And when I came over and made Showtime the A-side, HBO Boxing is now off TV.” As N.O.R.E. says, “[HBO Boxing] is not doing good,” Mayweather corrects, “It’s off TV.” Mayweather takes credit for the shift in the marketplace.

Floyd adds, “Showtime and CBS gave me the deal [that HBO refused], and said, ‘You can write your own checks.’ When I went over there with them, I’m pretty sure you guys heard about my fights over there. I think with the Canelo, the Conor McGregor, and the [Manny] Pacquiao fight, right? Now, this is crazy: I bought myself out of my contract from Top Rank for $750,000. When I left them, the McGregor, the Pacquiao, and the Canelo fights, I made $750,000,000—just with those three fights.”

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Top Rank is the boxing promotional company launched in 1973 by Jabir Herbert Muhammad and Bob Arum. Early in the Drink Champs episode, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. alleges that Bob Arum’s business practices are no different than boxing promoter Don King. However, the TMT founder feels that race shifts perceptions between the two men.

Later on, at 1:22:00, Floyd owns his accomplishments. “I’m a marketing genius to do the things that I’ve done. I took 24/7 and gave that to HBO [and] went off to Showtime with All Access. Then I said, ‘You know what? I created [24/7, so with All Access], I have to be [an] executive producer. And you go out there, and you look at my fights: I got 50 fights. Guess what? I own all 50 fights.”

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Throughout the interview, Floyd explains why even amid his billionaire status, he still does club walk-thru’s and other means of earning five-figure income.