50 Cent Details How He Reconciled With Floyd Mayweather (Video)

50 Cent appeared on Big Boy TV to promote the new season of Power and various other projects on which he’s working. As is typically the case with his interviews, he was engaging, cagey and happy to discuss a number of issues.

After chatting about 50’s renewed dedication to physical fitness, Big Boy dove into season 2 of Power and the comparisons that have been drawn between it and Empire (4:10). Fif said that there were not many similarities between the shows after the first episode, but detailed a number of striking overlapping details in how the shows were set up in each of their pilot episodes, and resemblances he saw in how Empire was marketed. He also touched on the social media back and forth that occurred between him and Empire’s Taraji P. Henson.

Big then asked 50 why he continued to pursue music, in light of his success in other endeavors and sizable fortune (8:30). Fif explained it was not about the music but, rather, the need to stay hot. He explained that with Hip-Hop being a “here today, gone tomorrow” culture, artists constantly need to prove their relevance. During this section of the conversation, they also discussed 50’s complete re-invention of the “mixtape,” noting that before him they were driven by DJs and after Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, they became calling cards for artists.

Later in the interview, the subject turned to his tumultuous relationship with Floyd “Money” Mayweather. After a very high profile friendship, the two had a well-documented falling out for a few years, that was carried out via social media and the press. Big Boy asked 50 how they resolved the beef and the G-Unit general gave an extended explanation about an encounter with Mayweather (11:12). He said he approached Floyd personally to re-open communications, at the behest of Chris Brown. He also talked about betting $1.6MM on the champ in his fight with Manny Pacquiao and choosing to skip the fight, though he had 4 tickets, in order to not distract Mayweather.

Given 50’s ability to patch things up with Floyd, Big Boy asked if he foresaw ever ending his conflict with Rick Ross. Fif revealed that their strife was ongoing and, in fact, he had just settled a lawsuit with Ross (21:18).

Near the end of their conversation, Fifty spoke on the status of G-Unit, noting that things continued to be good with the group (25:13). He also shared that their creative status was more equal now because each member had a better sense of song structure and how to put together records than they did in the early days when he shouldered the brunt of the work. He also gave a few details about his next solo project.

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