Dr. Dre Is Releasing New Music Next Week

It’s all about making that GTA,” Eazy-E rapped on Gangsta Rap classic “Boyz-N-The Hood.” Nearly 35 years later, that song‘s producer, Dr. Dre, proves the statement true. Dr. Dre has made and produced some of the most beloved albums in music. Now, he’s dedicating himself to releasing songs through video games.

This week, Rockstar Games announced that Dr. Dre will star in Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract, a new online video game title from the respected franchise which arrives December 15. The theme centers around GTA characters “Franklin Clinton” and “Lamar Davis” as their celebrity agency takes on a job for none other than the real-life Dr. Dre. According to West Coast Hip-Hop reporter Chad Kiser, “The Contract finds music mogul Dr. Dre needing some help because he lost his phone which contains unreleased music from the producer. So, the mission is to find the producer’s lost cell phone full of the unheard musical gems and return it to him.”

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Given this component, Dr. Dre has placed songs in The Contract, along with collaborators such as Anderson .Paak (who also appears in the game), Busta Rhymes, and DJ Pooh. The trailer features Dre and Paak carving out a studio track and then plays a snippet of the song. The track, titled “ETA,” features “Guilty Conscience”-like interplay between the two Aftermath artists as Dre recalls making early waves with Snoop Dogg. Online, Busta Rhymes previewed more of the song that features himself and Snoop Dogg.

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract will feature a new radio station as well as new music from Dre and his cohorts. A press release confirmed “exclusive brand new tracks from Dr. Dre alongside a heavy hitting lineup of artists.” “Some very special guest hosts” are reportedly involved with the station. According to Complex, access to The Contract is free for all owners of Grand Theft Auto V, as with previous additions to the ever-expanding online portion of the game.

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In early 2022 (February 13), Dr. Dre will join Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem to perform for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. A recent episode of Ambrosia For HeadsWhat’s The Headline podcast unpacked the news:

Earlier this year, Dre survived a brain aneurysm, followed by an extensive hospitalization.

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In 2018, a reportedly semi-autobiographical Apple series Dre had been working on was cancelled due to violent themes and imagery. Many speculated that mini-series, announced in 2016, was intended to include new music. Dre last released an album, Compton, in 2015.

DJ Pooh, perhaps best known for co-writing and starring in Friday, has been a longtime creative consult for GTA. He also hosted the radio station, “West Coast Classics.” Pooh, who produced Ice Cube, King T, LL Cool J, and others, has previously co-hosted Dre’s Apple Radio show, The Pharmacy.