Daz Plays Part Of A Song That Featured Tupac & Nas

Daz Dillinger has corrected Snoop Dogg’s recent account of the removed Nas verse from a Tupac track. On the newest episode of Drink Champs, Snoop Dogg said that Method Man and Kurupt were on a song together, referring to Tupac Shakur’s “Got My Mind Made Up.” The diamond-certified All Eyez On Me song also involved Daz Dillinger and Redman.

Snoop then added that Nas was initially featured on the song. The Queens MC’s verse was allegedly removed before the album was released, as has been the case with multiple mid-1990s Tupac songs. Snoop said that his cousin, Daz Dillinger, may have the original files. The conversation intersected with Snoop discussing his plans to relaunch his recently acquired Death Row Records in the metaverse.

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Daz corrected the information in a newer video and brought a snippet with him. “There’s a lot of ni**as out there that be givin’ wrong information. I was lookin’ at the Drink Champs the other day; Snoop [Dogg] was explainin’ about that Nas verse.” Nas made a game-show buzzer sound before adding, “[He told] the whole situation wrong. [Nas] was never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever on ‘Got My Mind Made Up.’ The original [lineup] that was on ‘Got My Mind Made Up’ was me, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman, Inspectah Deck, and The Lady Of Rage.”

D-A-Z then specified. “This is the song he was talking about, which was ‘Don’t Stop, Keep Goin.’ I’ma play it for y’all,” he announces before playing the original mix. Notably, the Nas verse in the song later appeared in “Nas Is Coming.” That song, included on 1996’s It Was Written, was produced by Dr. Dre just months after he had acrimoniously left Daz, Tupac, and Suge Knight at Death Row-relinquishing his ownership as co-founder. The beat on that version as Daz’s are different. Notably, Nas opened his released version of the song accusing people of stealing Dr. Dre’s beats and techniques.

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“Don’t Stop” eventually appeared on Tha Dogg Pound’s 2002 LP, which arrived on Death Row Records in 2001. The remixed version of the song still included Tupac but omitted Nas. Later, Tha Dogg Pound released a version with Nas, “Don’t Stop, Keep Going,” on 2004’s The Last Of Tha Pound.

When 2002 arrived, Daz and Kurupt had both left Death Row. Daz had supervised music at the label during much of Suge Knight’s incarceration and following Dr. Dre’s exit. Within months of the compilation, Kurupt would return as label president alongside a newly-released Knight. 2001 did feature Kxng Crooked, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, as well as JAY-Z, Memphis Bleek, and Beanie Sigel. The album reached #36 on the charts as an unofficial follow-up to 1995’s chart-topping Dogg Food.

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Months before 2002, Daz and Kurupt had independently released Dillinger & Young Gotti under the name “DPG,” as Death Row then held the rights to Tha Dogg Pound name.

Notably, last month, Daz and Kurupt confirmed that Tha Dogg Pound was back on Death Row during Snoop’s ownership, with plans to release Dogg Food 2.

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