Remy Ma & Rapsody Go Scorched Earth Over A Preemo Beat

Today (July 15), DJ Premier released his first solo project in years. Hip Hop 50: Volume 1 is a five-song EP from the Gang Starr legend. Each cut features top MCs representing over 35 years of rapping greatness. Along with appearances by Nas, Run The Jewels, Lil Wayne, Slick Rick, and others, Remy Ma and Rapsody link up for the first time on the appropriately-titled “Remy Rap.”

Over a classic Funk chop, Premier sets the tables. He scratches “with the def female” and cues to each MC’s name. Remy Ma kicks things off with a brutal verse. “No lie, there’s only like five females in the game who can really rap / Get followers and fame, and a name, so they thinkin’ that / They can now be listed with the spitters, b*tch, imagine that / Ain’t talkin’ ’bout your lace front when I say your sh*t is wiggety-wack / They know what’s gonna happen to they ass if Remy is on the track,” says the MC who has thrown elbows at Rap peers at times during her 20-plus-year career. She also points to her critics. “They know my pen is crazy, but they don’t wanna give me that / Every time I spit some sh*t, they sayin’ that it’s really Pap,” referring to her husband. Some speculated that Papoose penned Remy songs, including 2017’s “Sheether” diss to Nicki Minaj. Rem’ then lists her hits and asserts her beauty. Then, Remy flexes her freedom. “I rap when I wanna / I stopped to have my daughter / I was flyin’ PJs when y’all was wearing pajamas,” she quips about chartered private jet flights.

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In her verse, Rapsody also steps to contenders. Rapsody begins as Remy wraps. After wordplay tied to Lil Baby, Rapsody makes noises to emulate a baby crying. “Wah, wah, y’all cry, I’m on a different tier / we ain’t the same, me and you, we got some different fears.” Moments later, she touts, “Preemo hit me ’cause he know I’m dopeness / Rap like I got a big d*ck and ni**as chokin’ / Never had an urge to be the wave, I’m the f*ckin’ ocean.” Premier worked on Rapsody’s She Got Game mixtape, with the Jamla/Roc Nation spitter returning the favor with appearances on PRhyme 2 and Torii Wolf’s “Shadows Crawl (Remix).”

This song, and all five from Hip Hop 50, Volume 1 are currently included in the official Ambrosia For Heads playlist.

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#BonusBeat: A 2016 Rapsody interview with AFH during J Dilla Weekend in Miami, Florida: