Ice Cube, E-40, Too Short & Snoop Are Giving Free Game

Over the last several years, one of the biggest super-groups in Hip-Hop history has been brewing. Mount Westmore is Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Too Short. To date, the collective has released a handful of singles and performed together. However, now the California delegation from South Central Los Angeles, Vallejo, Oakland, and Long Beach delivers their most poignant statement yet. “Free Game” finds four living legends serving up wisdom for their legions of fans.

40 Water starts things off: “Eager to learn, I paid attention to the protocol / Observed and I watched and sad back, just like a fly upon the wall / Soaked up game like a sponge, or should I say beach towel.” Snoop follows, looking at his transformational business acumen. “Telemarketed, telecommunications / Tell a ni**a Snoop Dogg back with favorite nations / Gettin’ money out your favorite television station / Relevance, selling sh*t, I’m up in the matrix.” He raps with substance and fervor: “From the streets to the suites, from the trunk to the block / LLC, and we signed on the dot / Control the plot, and all the money in our pocket / This a new way of thinkin’ / Black-owned, back-bone, black paint / Real estatin’, elevatin’, educatin’ / Money makin’, motivatin’, no doubt / We about free game, from the Dogg, and it’s on the house.

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Nearly 40 years into his career, Too Short also shines in this collabo. “You can never get enough of this / Real game, stay away from sucker sh*t /’Cause when you try’na get ahead / You gon’ make somebody mad, gettin’ all that bread / A broke ni**a got nothin’ to lose / It’s too easy, look like I’m breakin’ the rules / I get money, every day, my way / You get paid too, every other Friday / Big difference, sure hustlin’ mine / You don’t hear me tho; you thought I was lyin’ / But I told you how to get that extra / Goin’ so far up, you can’t catch you / I can’t give you too much game for free / All them songs, you ain’t been listenin’ to me,” says the decorated veteran. Cube then raps clean-up and calls back to one of his classic anthems. “All you gotta pay is attention, listen / Keep the information flippin’, that’s the mission / Make sure it trickle down, to the children / Make sure they know how, to make a killin’ / Yeah ni**a, you said it take a village / Teach they ass they ain’t gotta go pillage / Free game, no charge, go large / Never let a ni**a pull your whole cart / Bogart the boulevard / F*ck the police, pay attention to the OG’s / I’ma tell you like a ni**a told me.

The video features the four MCs in a modern-day Robin Hood scenario—where they are doling out wisdom and cash that they have repurposed to those in need.

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The album titled Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort will arrive on December 9. ChadKiser reports the tracklisting, boasting production from Ant Banks, Rick Rock, Fredwreck, Dem Jointz, and Dogg Pound affiliate Soopafly. Bay Area MC P-Lo previously appeared on “Too Big.”

Snoop was part of a two-song N.W.A. reunion of sorts more than 20 years ago. He appeared in the place of Eazy-E on “Chin Check.” DJ Yella did not appear in those two songs. In 2012, 40 and Short Dog released two collaborative albums titled History. In the 2020s, they battled in a Verzuz.

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This year, Snoop released BODR (Bacc On Death Row) in conjunction with his label acquisition, and Emmy-winning Super Bowl Halftime concert alongside Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. He and Dr. Dre are at work on an album, said to be due by year’s end, called Missionary. Too Short and Lil Duval recently partnered for a video single, “Big Sexy Thing,” while 40 Water and Sada Baby linked for “It’s Hard Not To.” Ice Cube remains active on his basketball league, BIG3.

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