J. Cole Gifts An Unknown Producer With A Surprise Verse

J. Cole has a knack for being incredibly down to earth, despite his superstardom. Amid his status, the Dreamville founder has offered $1 concerts, recorded albums in the studio where his career began, and protested in the streets alongside his fans and supporters.

Kicking off 2023, Cole did something true to form—but incredibly uncommon among artists of his stature. Tonight (January 18), a lesser-known producer named bvtman shared a story online. On Instagram, the Brooklyn, New York-based producer posted a text, believed to be from J. Cole.

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“This song should live on your channel and serve as a thank you to you and every producer out there cooking up and sharing their work with the world. It’s a million artists out the right now just like me, hungry and searching every day for something to spark a word, a melody, a hook, a verse, a punchline, a way to vent, or a way to CUT THROUGH,” wrote the MC/producer to his peer.


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He continued, “On a day when I couldn’t find much motivation, I was looking for anything to inspire me. Out of curiosity, I typed in ‘J. Cole type beat’ into YouTube. Yours was the first I saw. I pressed play, focused, and wrote this.”

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He wrapped the text, “This is some sh*t that would normally stay in the vault, but I don’t want to hold onto music like that no more. This is for you and whoever need to hear it. God bless bro and keeping doing what you do!” Cole’s team, including manager Ibrahim Hamad commented on the IG post.

On bvtman’s YouTube page, the song, titled “Procrastination (Broke),” exists, with a Cole verse. Its artwork is the same text exchange.

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In his verse, Cole raps about writer’s block. “I think acceptance is somewhat of a virtue / To look your truth dead in the face / Without try’na escape the regret or disgrace / I write these words aimlessly / But not without hope / That somehow I’ll stumble on somethin’ that’s dope / A clever lil’ line, a thought to provoke / Myself and that listener diggin’ for quotes, hеllo / I don’t even know if somebody gon’ hеar this / Got so many songs that get lost in the endless (Bvtman) / Folders of the hard drive, I wish I was more fearless / ‘Cause I’ll just say, ‘F*ck it’ and dump all the music / For ni**as that hate it and ni**as that use it / As fuel to push them through long nights at school / Writin’ that last minute paper for class / That’s due in the mornin’ / And I still relate to that procrastination for tasks / ‘Cause I need to finish this album / But hell, how many more times / Can I send this wooden pail down in that well / And pull it back up with the hope that it’s filled? / Plus, it don’t help that I’m rich now / So that means that I don’t gotta deal,” he spits.

The verse continues, “Like that young rapper that don’t got a deal / But do got the skill and do got the will / To make it no matter how long that it takes / For labels to see you or a song that’ll break / And the rest of the world to catch on that he’s great / Uh, how do you tap into hunger / When you don’t got wonder / ‘Bout when your next meal is comin’ from? / Maybe you feel my conundrum / Or maybe the real is I’m so ‘umm’ / Far removed from the struggles of everyday folks / My sh*t just ain’t never gon’ hit like it hit / When a ni**a was a lil’ more closer to broke / Uh, but f*ck it, the challenge be havin’ me stoked / Throw in the towel, man, you gotta be jokin’ / I push my salary up with these quotes  / Now, I push the Lambo’ truck down in the ‘Ville / Hopin’ I connect with somethin’ that’s real / Part of me wonders why I’m even still / Uh, holdin’ on to this place / My mama been gone and my partners is straight, right?

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While emerging, bvtman is not new to Hip-Hop credits. He’s worked with Marlon Craft, Radamiz, and others.

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