The D.O.C.’s Documentary Shows His Next 10 Years

In 2022, The D.O.C. screened an autobiographical documentary at The Tribeca Film Festival. The self-titled doc features appearances by Dr. Dre, Eminem, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too Short, Tha Dogg Pound, Xzibit, Tone-Loc, and late Death Row songstress Jewell, as well as The D.O.C. and Erykah’s daughter, Puma. The artist, also known as Tracy Curry, wrote and co-produced the film he made with Dave Kaplan.

Over a year later, much of the public has yet to be able to view The D.O.C. Last year, fans got a clip featuring Eminem talking about The D.O.C.’s influence, with some respect to a particular 1989 song. In 2023 when the famed MC/songwriter is returning to the booth and the stage, he tells Ambrosia For Heads’ What’s The Headline podcast (embedded in video and audio below) that it is all about waiting for the proper situation to tell his story on the highest level.

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During the 40-plus-minute interview, The D.O.C. was asked about artificial intelligence. At a time when AI has proven potentially harmful and misinformed to the music industry—especially in Hip-Hop, emerging technologies may offer an opportunity to an incredible songwriter whose speaking voice was forever changed by a car accident over 33 years ago. “That’s a super-interesting question,” The D.O.C. said when asked about AI possibilities. “I have to be honest and say that since I’ve heard about it, I’ve dreamed a little bit about what it could sound like, what I would feel like to hear that dude rap again. But I would only be invested in it if I knew he could be what he was. I feel like [Dr.] Dre: if I don’t want him to be sullied.” With a laugh, Doc said, “But I sure wouldn’t mind trying.”

Asked if he’s experimented with AI, The D.O.C. emphasized his film. “I’ve got this documentary that I’m trying to get in the right space. Really, bro, the documentary is the key cornerstone; it’s the first domino to everything. I mean, the next 10 years of my life is in this documentary. And so I’m holding on so tightly to it, because in the [50th year] of Hip-Hop, this documentary was a gift to me, and to you [the fan], and I cannot allow it to be sullied by anybody. I’ve always been the one to take the bullet for the cause, so why would I change who I am now? No, I’m not doing that.” Moments later, The D.O.C. made a vow. “I guarantee you this: when you see it, it might be the best musical documentary you’ve ever seen. Real talk.”

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“The revelation was happening as we were filming,” he adds. “The s__t moved me. I feel so blessed to have lived this life. It just took a while for it to make sense. Now it’s here, and all of those things, they haven’t fallen into my lap yet, but I can feel them b__hes comin’. Like, all these things that are happening—I didn’t ask for any of it; the s__t just started happening. But I’m gonna take full advantage of it, and enjoy it, ’cause I know it’s a gift from G-O-D. Now I know what to do with it: get out there and do service with it, and it’s these young brothas and sistas in Dallas, “funkytown,” Fort Worth, where I’m from—it’s another me out there; it’s another Erykah Badu out there. It’s time to get them prepared, early, so they don’t have to do what we had to do. It’s time to start figuring out where the Berry Gordy’s are—not just the Marvin [Gaye’s], and the lil’ Eazy’s and Suge’s, and correct their mindset ‘fore they get put in that position, so when they get put in that position of power, they do the right thing.”

The time-codes for The D.O.C.’s What’s The Headline interview:

0:00 The D.O.C. has begun performing again for the first time in 33 years
The D.O.C discusses why the message in Rap music has changed for the worst
5:35 The D.O.C. is considering putting out more new music.
The D.O.C. explains how he is able to sing
7:38 The D.O.C. discusses the possibility of using AI to rap again
The D.O.C. says his documentary will show where he’s going in the next 10 years of his life
The D.O.C. discusses how he developed Snoop Dogg and Eazy-E
The D.O.C. explains why all rappers have their own individual cadence
He discusses the times he’s written rhymes that MCs were not able to rap properly
The D.O.C. details the formula for developing a Rap style
The D.O.C. explains why he was mad at Biggie until he met him
Method Man is the one guy who’s cadence The D.O.C. cannot replicate
The D.O.C. explains what made Suge Knight a successful business man
The D.O.C. discusses his enduring relationships with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
The D.O.C. says “The Grand Finale” was a battle between him, Ice Cube and MC Ren
On recording his verse for The Codefendants’ “Fast Ones”
Who The D.O.C. would take in a crew battle between N.W.A. & The Posse and Death Row
The D.O.C. speaks on the character that may have based on him in CB4
On his shoutout from JAY-Z on The Black Album’s “Public Service Announcement”
Why his documentary will be the best music documentary ever.

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