Snoop Dogg Releases One Of His Hardest Verses In Years

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Scar Lip is a New York City representative recently appearing on Swizz Beatz’ Hip Hop 50, Vol. 2 EP. The artist, who spent time of her youth in Brooklyn and the Bronx, was reportedly introduced to Swizz through DMX’s fiancée Desiree Lindstrom before sharing a song, “Take ‘Em Out,” with Jadakiss and Benny The Butcher. Before that, Scar had self-released the underground anthem “This Is New York.” The hard-nosed video single has achieved millions of streams with its menacing aesthetic.

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Now, Snoop Dogg appears on a coastal remix. “This Is Cali” begins with one of Snoop Dogg’s hardest verses. Tha Doggfather captures that fiery spirit from his late 1990s and early 2000s LPs like No Limit Top Dogg and Paid da Cost To Be da Boss. Snoop describes gangland drama, including strong-arm robberies and imposing figures. “I ain’t got no time for no lovey-dovey s__t / We at LAX on yo’ ass, Carousel 6 / All you see is Blood n__as, Eses, and hella Crips / You can’t hide behind that b__h / You can’t decide to take a trip / West Coast / We don’t f__k with b__h n___s talkin’ disrespect, folks / No, this ain’t a game, or a b__h-n__a party / If we catch you slippin’, we gon’ catch a body,” he raps. Scar Lip keeps her verse in the song the same as the original. She shouts out DMX at the end.

In addition to “This Is Cali,” the AFH playlist features recently released music by Snoop and Kurupt and a song from Mount Westmore—the super-group comprised of Snoop, Ice Cube, Too Short, and E-40. There are also new additions on the playlist from Summer Walker & J. Cole, Kooley High’s Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz, and KAYTRANADA & Aminé’s KAYTRAMINÉ collaboration.

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Snoop is reportedly teaming up with Dr. Dre for an upcoming Doggystyle sequel, Missionary.

#BonusBeat: The music video to Scar Lip’s original “This Is New York”: