Jim Jones Claps Back At Pusha-T & Disses The Clipse

Last week, snippets from a new Clipse song release. The track debuted in Paris, France during Pharrell Williams’ first Louis Vuitton show. With Pharrell, JAY-Z, Beyoncé, J Balvin, and others in attendance, the Skateboard P-produced song featured Pusha-T lyrics that many have speculated are a jab to rapper Jim Jones.

While Push’ and Jones have worked together in the past, the words followed some disparaging remarks made by The Diplomats rapper about the career and relevance of the Grammy-nominated MC. While speaking with the Rap Caviar Podcast and The Breakfast Club this April, Jimmy expressed disagreement with Pusha-T’s rankings (#29) on the Billboard and VIBE greatest rappers list. In doing so, the New Yorker also claimed that no one “wants to be like Pusha-T.” The Virginia veteran initially responded cryptically on Instagram, before presumably using the first non-feature Clipse song in more than a decade to speak his mind.

Pusha-T Is Out To Make Jim Jones Cry On A New Diss Record

Jim Jones has now responded, in a two-minute video single titled “Summer Collection.” Rapping on a New York City sidewalk, the platinum veteran spits, “These two roach n___as don’t know what to do with no ray / Kanye gave you whips, but that’s what they do to the slaves.” He also wove in Pusha’s 2013 album title, as he did last week on IG. “My Name Is My Name, but they ain’t screaming yet / They talking about the rapper came, but we ain’t seen it yet.”

Elsewhere in the track, Jim brings No Malice into the mix. “The only beef you know n___a is Arby’s or the Big Mac / We don’t drive through, we drive by in the car with the big mag / That last s_t you dropped, that s__t was garbage, take that s__t back / Plus you got your brother rapping, what? You tryna bring the Clipse back? / Talking about your brother, what happened to that boy? / Looking like if they’re selling crack to that boy.” Those lyrics reference Pusha-T’s hand in writing fast food jingles for Arby’s and McDonald’s, as well as Birdman and Clipse’s 2002 single “What Happened To That Boy,” a song that arrived before Pusha-T and Malice’s beefs with Lil Wayne, and later—Drake. Jim’s lyrics critique It’s Almost Dry, the 2022 Grammy-nominated Pusha-T album that was produced by Kanye West and Pharrell.

Pusha-T Used His New Album As A Verzuz Between Kanye & Pharrell

In 2012, Lil Wayne included No Malice in his feud with Pusha-T. While The Clipse were on hiatus, and No Malice was seguing into music celebrating his Christian faith, the elder Thornton brother chimed in following those words—cryptically dissing Lil Wayne and his relationship with Birdman.

Earlier this year, Jim Jones and Hitmaka (fka Yung Berg) teamed for an eight-song project Back In My Prime, featuring Benny The Butcher, Ty Dolla Sign, and Jeremih. The Clipse have yet to release the full version of their new song. On Instagram, Pusha-T posted a clip from the fashion show, captioning, “I know by now you get the message,” with a dead rose.

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#BonusBeat: New music by Jim Jones alongside DJ Drama, Fabolous, Benny The Butcher, and Capella Grey is currently on the Ambrosia For Heads playlist: