Souls Of Mischief Freestyle New Verses To 93 Til Infinity

The Souls Of Mischief have been celebrating 30 years of Hip-Hop respect with the fans that provided it. Tajai, A-Plus, Phesto Dee, and Opio are in the midst of a tour with 93 stops (dates below) celebrating the 30th anniversary of 93 Til’ Infinity, the quartet’s acclaimed debut album—and its launchpad single. While on the road, the Hieroglyphics members swung through Red Bull Studios and freestyled a new rendition of their classic—in 360. What is as impressive is that this freestyle was done in just one take.

Opio kicks things off with potent bars. “Might be a greater innovator of the rhyme scheme / My style is the Visine to get your eyes open-ing,” kicks the long-haired MC, who compares himself to Raggedy Andy in the following line. “Hieroglyphics will uplift the lyrics for the meanwhile / Articulate my lingo as I mingle in my medium of speech / Impeach the false prophet as I ponder and teach / A smidgen of religion to the fraudulent / Listen up, I’m the master of this convention,” touts the veteran who released Wounded Healer back in 2017.

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The S.O.M. crew plays to the camera with their timeless chorus. A-Plus, who produced the incredible beat, raps next. He rhymes with a different rhythm than Ope’. His verse grabs from nursery rhymes and other routines for a pepped-up display. Earlier this year, A-Plus teamed with Living Legends member Sunspot Jonz for Stoney Hawk 2.

Tajai flows next. “Crack bones when I bump your dental / I hope you got incidentals for your rentals / Loss and damage when I wave the cannons,” warns Taj. “Compare the tracks in my catalog to anyone you rattle off / That ain’t a fair battle, y’all / It’s bogus beef—Impossible.” The “That’s When Ya Lost” MC still has a chip on his shoulder and battle rhymes ready to go. He insists he is undefeated in the Rap space. “On the road, where we found riches / Such an ill feeling / And yeah, we still chillin’, baby,” he says with a smile. Last year, Taj’ joined Dregs One and Ill Sugi for the “Politics” single.

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Phesto raps cleanup with a commanding delivery. “Hiero-Glyphics play the Iron Curtain / Drop the gavel on your case,” he closes with authority. As on the original, the Souls show love to Domino, Casual, Del The Funky Homosapien, and Pep Love. The Hiero crew reps loyally.

Apart from the tour S.O.M., The Pharcyde and Tha Alkaholiks are teaming up for an August 13 event at Los Angeles, California’s The Novo. Each group perform their heralded debuts, 93 ‘Til Infinity, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, and 21 & Over, respectively.

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#BonusBeat: The Souls Of Mischief are currently on tour with The Architect and Breakbeat Lou:


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