KRS-One & Smif-n-Wessun Are Back With Some New Boom Bap

Thirty years ago, Da Beatminerz helped lead a charge with Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage. The Nervous Records LP was produced by Evil Dee (also a Black Moon co-founder) and his brother Mr. Walt. The album help launch several movements—for the Boot Camp Clik, for underground/independent Hip-Hop, and for a special style of production. Less than a month before Enta Da Stage, KRS-One delivered his solo debut, Return Of The Boom-Bap. The Boogie Down Productions veteran was heading in the same sonic direction as his Brooklyn peers—who would name their company, Duck Down, after a BDP song.

In the years that followed, KRS, Da Beatminerz, and Boot Camp Clik have worked together on songs and albums. As 2023 closes, the entities come together for an expanded take on a new song. Smif-n-Wessun’s General Steele and Tek join KRS-One, Mr. Walt, and Evil Dee on “Seckle…Once Again.” The song is currently featured atop Ambrosia For Heads’ official playlist, which you can follow.

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In the chorus to the song, Kris warns of his return… and he claims he’s bringing the boom-bap with him. Walt and Dee offer it now, and KRS seizes the moment as “the street-rhymer with Da Beatminerz.” He says that so many 1990s MCs were not grimy, while praising the sound of the song’s producers. Seamlessly, Tek then Steele offer new verses that keep the lyrical energy. These are two BK MCs who were grimy in the ’90s, and still rep authentically today. In their section of the song, Smif-n-Wessun pay tribute to several Boogie Down Productions classic lyrics and KRS-One rhyme routines. Kris book-ends the track with a final verse. Thirty years after the first boom-bap renaissance, a new retrospective appreciation is here.

“Seckle…Once Again” is part of Da Beatminerz’ lead-in to their forthcoming album, Stifled Creativity. In 2001, the Brooklyn production outfit delivered Brace 4 Impak with Rawkus Records. In 2022, Mr. Walt and Evil Dee partnered with Queens, New York MC Truth resulting in For All Intents and Purposes. Last year, KRS-One released his 24th solo album, I M A M C R U 1 2. During 2023, Smif-n-Wessun has delivered several singles, including “BKLYN,” with X-Ecutionerz alum DJ Total Eclipse.

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In addition to “Seckle…Once Again,” the AFH playlist (which you can subscribe to) includes new music by Masta Ace & Marco Polo, Dilated Peoples’ Evidence and Rakaa, AZ and Buckwild, and more.

Smif-n-Wessun photograph by Photo Rob provided by Duck Down Music.