Killer Mike Was Taken Away In Handcuffs At The Grammys

UPDATE #2: Killer Mike has spoken about last night’s situation for the first time. The Grammy-winning artist called into The Big Tigger Show. Although he did not elaborate, Mike said, “We hit a speed bump, and then we head back to the party.” Based on that, it appears that the Run The Jewels MC’s detainment was short-lived.

However, video and photos of the situation became a major story for the public coming out of the 66th Grammy Awards. In his radio interview, Mike Bigga focused on the positive. “Three Grammys. Twenty years in the game. Forty-eight years old,” Mike self-reflected. “[I] beat out everybody in the thing. He beat the best of the best, so all you could say is, he one of the best. The best album in the 50th year of Hip-Hop came from Atlanta, Georgia, from a man who will be 50 years old in three years.”

The win notably came 21 years after Mike’s debut album Monster.

UPDATE: Additional information about Killer Mike’s handcuffed exit from last night’s Grammy Awards has been released. TMZ had updated its report that last night’s three-Grammy Award-winner was apprehended and booked for battery during a confrontation that took place outside of Los Angeles, California’s Arena. The incident reportedly involves a citizen’s arrest.

TMZ obtained a video, embedded below, that shows Mike in a confrontation outside the venue, where it was raining Sunday. The one-minute video shows apparent security trying to stop Mike and his entourage. “We’re told [Killer Mike] is accused of knocking down a security officer after they did not get out of his way quick enough,” the publication writes. Killer Mike has yet to release a statement surrounding the incident. The artist was active on social media following his three wins, which took place during the webcast Grammy’s premiere event—ahead of the televised network broadcast.

Notably, Stephen E. Smith, the veteran sports journalist and pundit who frequently covers the intersection of sports and culture, made powerful commentary of the event—in contrast to a massively high-profile 2022 incident that also took place at an L.A. awards event:

Ambrosia For Heads will update this story with information as it develops.

ORIGINAL FEBRUARY 4 STORY: Moments ago tonight (February 4), Killer Mike was taken out of Los Angeles, California’s Arena in handcuffs. He appeared to be escorted by members of the Los Angeles Police Department. The incident was documented on video by a The Hollywood Reporter staff member. It took place just hours after Mike won three Grammy Awards in the Rap music categories for his 2023 album MICHAEL and its single “SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS.” The artist won “Best Rap Album,” “Best Rap Song,” and “Best Rap Performance.”

TMZ reports that the event may be related to an alleged altercation with a security guard. That report also says that Mike is currently being detained.

Killer Mike Has Swept The Major Rap Grammy Awards

In the developing story, no further information was provided. Notably, at the 66th Grammy Awards, the four Hip-Hop categories were not part of the CBS broadcast. Instead, the Rap portion of the night was available exclusively on the webcast earlier. Killer Mike accepted all three of his awards, joined by members of his creative and management team, as well as MICHAEL producer DJ Paul, also of Three 6 Mafia. The other Rap winners, J. Cole and Lil Durk, were not in attendance to receive their award for “Best Melodic Rap Song.”

Killer Mike Has Made The Most Dangerous Show On Television (Video)

Twenty-one years ago, Killer Mike won his first Grammy Award alongside OutKast for “The Whole World.” Tonight, the 48-year-old Atlanta, Georgia MC and Run The Jewels co-founder spoke of his dreams and defied the notion that one can be too old at something.