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Mick Jenkins Looks Deep Into The Water[s], Discusses Reflection Eternal Influence (Food For Thought Interview)

As the infrastructure of Hip-Hop in Chicago, and the excess of young talented artists concocting it continues to swiftly evolve, the eccentric and unflappable twenty-three year old MC, Mick Jenkins, has recently ascended near the top of the budding movement. Initially hinting at his lyrical aptitude with the 2012 release... Read more

Pulp Fiction, Still Cool, Compelling & Game-Changing 20 Years Later (Food For Thought)

Twenty years ago today (October 14), the Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction opened in theaters. The film starring a Hollywood re-tread (John Travolta), a character actor (Samuel L. Jackson), and a relative unknown (Umma Thurman), as well as a host of other actors, would go on to become an icon... Read more

Thirty Years Later, Miami Vice Remains One of TV’s Most Influential Shows (Food For Thought)

For 111 episodes, "Miami Vice" epitomized the 1980s. Thirty years ago this weekend, September 28, 1984, Sonny Crockett (played by Don Johnson) and Rico Tubbs (played by Philip Michael Thomas) charged through our livingrooms in a Ferrari Daytona Spyder, with guns blazing, and pastels poppin'. After its five-year run on... Read more

A 30 Year Salute To The Cosby Show From A 30-Something (Food For Thought)

Thirty years ago this past weekend (September 20, 1984 to be exact), "The Cosby Show" premiered in NBC's Thursday night lineup. Followed by "Family Ties," "Cheers," "Night Court" and "Hill Street Blues," the show would join what would prove to be one of the most championed, and most enduring programs... Read more

Here’s a Blend of Biggie & Tupac Vocals Over Watch the Throne Beats (Audio)

For nearly 20 years, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. have been nearly inextricably linked. The 2 Hip-Hop heavyweights had an indelible effect on Hip-Hop and their deaths cast a shadow on the culture that lasted for years. September 13th provides another link between the two icons. The date marks the... Read more

The Notorious B.I.G’s Ready To Die 20 Years Later, The Best Of All Worlds (Food For Thought)

Twenty years ago today (September 13, 1994), The Notorious B.I.G and Bad Boy Records released Ready To Die, one (and many argue the best) of the two handfuls of incredible debut albums introduced in 1994. A long hot summer after Nas' Illmatic, with Wu-Tang Clan's Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)... Read more

18 Years Ago Today, Do Or Die Released Picture This. Belo Tells The Story & Reveals A Sequel (Food For Thought Interview)

Eighteen years ago today, on September 3, 1996, three fearless 20-year-olds from the Westside of Chicago, released a debut album that would forever assist in the establishing of the Midwest's presence among the already ingrained rap heavyweights of cities in the East, West, and South regions of the Country. In... Read more

Can You Feel It: Why 1984 Is Hip-Hop’s Watershed Moment (Food For Thought)

Last year, Hip-Hop turned 40 years old—as far as we know. In truth, part of the culture’s beauty comes from the fact that there is no genesis moment. From the ancient cave-side hieroglyphics to the late ‘60s tags of TAKI 183, graffiti existed as a fascinating balance of expression and... Read more

Do Remember: Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud’s Girls, I Got ‘Em Locked (Video)

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud's "Girls, I Got 'Em Locked" was hardly what would constitute a hit by today's radio standards. However, like so many 12" plates of the 1980s, the 1988 Elektra Records single was known amongst inner-circles. With the New York City duo signed to a major... Read more

7 Years Ago Today, Blu & Exile Released Below The Heavens & Changed The Game. AFH Celebrates The Back-story & Impact With Exile (Food For Thought Interview)

Seven years ago today, the Hip-Hop faithful was formally introduced to an obscure assemblage of 15 tracks, constructed by an equally arcane Los Angeles rooted duo, Blu & Exile, that over the subsequent years from its unveiling, would prove to be one of the most compelling and dynamic collections of... Read more

Cormega Breaks Down Themes Of Mega Philosophy, Solidifying Legacy, & Addresses Flow (Food For Thought Interview)

In Phoebe Hoban's biography, Basquiat: A Quick Killing In Art, the New York painter is remembered, at the pinnacle of his fame, hiring stretch limousines, and riding around Manhattan self-medicating and watching cartoons—alone in the back. He yearned for the world around him, but only could experience it on his... Read more

Prince’s Purple Rain Remembered 30 Years Later (Food For Thought)

It has been 30 years ago this week (June 25 to be exact) that Prince released his magnum opus sixth album, Purple Rain. Twenty million copies sold later, the greatest selling soundtrack of all-time is both a time capsule, and—if we look at it in terms of substance, theme, and... Read more

With 2Pac’s Activism In The Conversation Again, Broadway Cries Holler If Ya Hear Me

While Tupac's music is perennially celebrated, it is his activism that has once again come to the foreground, recently. A month ago, 2Pac's previously-unreleased conversation with Sanyika Shakur (Monster Kody) provided 20 minutes of deep insights, reflections, and admissions from the final year of the iconic "Thug Angel's" life. Over... Read more

14 Years Ago Today, Slum Village Released Their Defining, Fantastic, Volume 2. AFH Took A Trip Down Memory Lane With The Remaining Founding Member, T3 (Food For Thought Interview)

Fourteen years ago today, the sentinels of Hip-Hop history were forced to chisel out a fraction of its foundation and infinitely reserve the section for a budding, yet unconventional trio's 68-minute audible depiction of the essence of life in Detroit, Michigan. Whether the culture of Hip-Hop comprehended the significance of... Read more

Common Remembers Maya Angelou In This Touching Letter (Food For Thought)

In the wake of Maya Angelou's death last week, Common published a heartfelt reaction. Comm's words explain everything they need to, but Ambrosia For Heads felt this was something too heartfelt, important, and eloquent not to share: "Since I was 5 years old I have loved reading good writing. I... Read more

Exclusive: Here’s the Real Story About Jay Z And Solange

If you have just clicked this to hear more about the Jay Z and Solange rift that recently exploded all over the Internet, then you have come to the right place but for reasons that may differ from your expectations (but keep reading). Before we begin, ask yourself, "Why did... Read more

Attention Jay Z: Here’s an Open Letter to You From One of Hip-Hop’s Most Talented Up and Coming Producers (Food for Thought)

Here's an open letter to Jay Z from Cam Osteen, a brilliant young producer who has helped to craft the sound for Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and others. He recently created a track for Hov but was prevented from getting the track to him. Rather than give up, he's... Read more

Memory Lane: Noah Uman & Making Nas’ Illmatic XX & The Hip-Hop Reissue (Food For Thought Interview)

With some competition, in the 12 month radius of its release alone, Nas' Illmatic is commonly argued as Hip-Hop's greatest album. The debut from the Queensbridge MC was made in a place and time where the genre of Rap and the album format was changing shape. Surrounded by a council... Read more

Damn It Feels Good To Hear A Gangsta: The 2014 Revival Of Gangsta Rap (Food For Thought)

In just its first quarter, 2014 has witnessed its share of high profile releases. ScHoolboy Q unleashed his major label debut, OXYMORON, while Rick Ross’ continued his growth with concept and cohesion in Mastermind. Kid Cudi surprised everybody with a sneak-attack release, while Kid Ink, The Stepbrothers, and Isaiah Rashad... Read more

ScHoolboy Q Comes Clean on OXYMORON (Album Review)

UPDATE: Click here to stream the album via iTunes Last night (2/17), ScHoolboy Q held a listening session for part of his highly-anticipated OXYMORON album, and AFH was in the building. Compared to other listening sessions, it was a laid-back affair that perfectly suited Q’s personality. There were about 150... Read more

Rick Ross’ Mastermind Album is His Finest Yet. Some May Say Classic (Food For Thought)

Last night (February 11), Rick Ross hosted a Mastermind album release party at New World Stages in New York City and AFH was in the building. The event was a star-studded affair, with Ross and Meek Mill there from MMG, as well as DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Mack Wilds,... Read more

Macklemore & Kendrick Lamar: How Hip-Hop (Not The Grammy’s) Turned Sunday Into a Fail (Food For Thought)

The day after the Grammy Awards, the conversation about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ win for Best Rap Album over Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city (G.K.M.C) grew from a buzz to a roar. Social media platforms and the web, generally, were on fire. The frenzy was fueled in part by... Read more

Pharoahe Monch Gets His Sam Jackson On, In Bad MFer (Audio)

Release dates are coming in heavy this week. The same seven days that celebrate the 20th anniversary of Organized Konfusion's Stress: The Extinction Agenda sees Monch map out P.T.S.D. for April 15th (tax day, as it's also known). The LP on W.A.R. Media will include contributions from Black Thought, Marco... Read more

Today It All Makes Sense: A Retrospective on the Chicago Hip-Hop Sound (Food For Thought)

Published by: Bandini “This the city of Chicago, the state of confusion The style I'm using is free or at least it would be if my mind was…” – Malik Yusef, “My City” (One Day It’ll All Make Sense) Since the 1990s, Common Sense has always been among my favorite... Read more

The Game Is To Be Told: A Celebration Of No Limit Records…By A Hater (Food for Thought)

Published By: Bandini Long before Hip-Hop was ever reported dead, I was once of the belief that Master P was trying to kill it. No Limit Records sprouted into mainstream success in the closing credits of the Death Row dynasty, and anyone who loved the chicken seemingly scoffed at the... Read more

Jay Z’s Brand Is Suffering Because People Don’t Trust Him Anymore. Here’s Why (Food For Thought)

Business Insider has done a piece on Jay Z's year as a business, man. According to a survey of millennials done by a branding expert, Hov's brand took some major hits this year, particularly due to the Samsung deal. In fact, the deal was the 2nd least popular of the... Read more

Which Artist on XXL’s 40 Years of Hip-Hop Issue Reps Hip-Hop Best? Check Out All 5 Here (Photos)

40 years ago in 1973, Kool Herc threw a party in the basement of his building and Hip-Hop, the culture we celebrate everyday, was born. For their year-end issue, XXL has put together an issue celebrating that milestone and it has 5 different covers featuring iconic artists. Check out all... Read more

The Top 10 Most Compelling Hip-Hop Photographs Of 2013 (Food For Thought)

The old adage, "a picture's worth a thousand words" often proves to be true. Let's hope so for 2013, which by way of Instagram, Twipic, and some inner-circle released photos, told Heads plenty of stories. From unlikely reunions to time-pieces, to first steps for Hip-Hop kind, what a year... Here... Read more

Ambrosia For Head’s 13 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2013 (Food For Thought)

2013 was a different kind of year in music. Not only did Rick Rubin return to crafting Hip-Hop albums, but he had a hand in three of the genre's biggest releases from top artists like Jay Z, Eminem, and Kanye West. Meanwhile, as has been the case over the last... Read more

Suge Knight & Snoop Hanging Out?? Yeah, 2013 Was a Crazy Year For Hip-Hop. Here’s a Photo Recap (Food For Thought)

The old adage, "a picture's worth a thousand words" often proves to be true. Let's hope so for 2013, which by way of Instagram, Twipic, and some inner-circle released photos, told Heads plenty of stories. From unlikely reunions to time-pieces, to first steps for Hip-Hop kind, what a year... Here... Read more

When Rappers Attack: Here’s Why Wale Lost More Than His Cool With Complex (Food For Thought)

You never forget it when public figures lash out. As a sports-obsessed kid, I recall ‘90s NFL Quarterback Jim Everett flipping a table and lunging for Jim Rome after the always-salacious button-pusher (calling him Chrissy, a female tennis player with a similar last name) did just that. Then there was... Read more

Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggystyle & The Death Row Records Reign (Food For Thought)

Twenty years ago today, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Death Row Records released Doggystyle. The four-times platinum debut LP by Dr. Dre's then-protege helped put Long Beach, California on the Hip-Hop map, it cemented the dominance and versatility of G-Funk, and despite a 1993 year with acclaimed albums by Wu-Tang Clan,... Read more

The “Ultimate” Exit That Was Jay Z’s Black Album (Food For Thought)

Hip-Hop celebrates a grand entrance. Since the days of receiving Bad Boy Records promo-packs of The Notorious B.I.G. & Craig Mack in a McDonald’s "Big Mac" container, the dog-and-pony show known as the music industry has embraced the infinite possibilities of the new over the challenges of re-purposing the old.... Read more

Remembering Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 20 Years Later (Food For Thought)

There are certain albums in Hip-Hop that were complete game-changers. Run-DMC’s 1983 self-titled album ripped the Disco out of Rap and, with a new look of Kangol hats, leather jackets and shell-toed Adidas along with crossed arms and boasts of college pursuits, took ownership of the culture.  Five years later,... Read more

Needle To The Groove: The Return Of The True Free-Form Mix (Food For Thought)

With less than 10 weeks left on the year, it can be challenging to make sense of 2013 in Hip-Hop. From the conversations I'm having with fellow fans, there isn't a runaway favorite for Album Of The Year, Mixtape Of The Year, or even Artist Of The Year. The biggest... Read more

The Masterful Place & Time Of Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage (Food For Thought)

Place and time can be everything in art. If a creator properly conveys place and time, the viewer of the artwork can learn so much more about the world it speaks from. When watching Goodfellas, you can undoubtedly know the stakes of every action before it’s explained to you. You... Read more

Green Label Sound’s 15 of the Best Hip-Hop Logos Ever (Food for Thought)

Green Label Sounds has put together one of the more interesting lists in a while: 15 of the Best Hip-Hop Logos ever. Check out what they had to say about Run-D.M.C.'s iconic logo below and read the full list here. From Green Label Sound: "Though Run DMC used a few... Read more

Jay Z Covers the November Issue of Vanity Fair

Jay Z has landed the cover of the November issue of Vanity Fair and it looks like the article is going to go deep into his past and present. You can read an excerpt from a piece Vanity Fair has done to set up the piece below. Here's the excerpt... Read more

KRS-One’s Return Of The Boom-Bap 20 Years Later (Food For Thought)

This weekend, the first KRS-One album to not be billed as Boogie Down Productions turns 20 years old. On September 28, 1993, Jive Records and Kris Parker teamed to release Return Of The Boom-Bap. The album was exactly one decade removed from the arrival of Run-DMC, the "boom-bap" was a... Read more

Rock the Bells Cancels Its Remaining Dates

It's a sad day for Hip-Hop when a tour that features Wu-Tang Clan, Black Hippy, J. Cole, Talib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T., Rakim, Pusha T, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh, Too Short and many more gets cancelled for lack of ticket sales (in its 10th Anniversary Year no... Read more

De La Soul’s Buhloone Mindstate 20 Years Later (Food For Thought)

By: Bandini There are some great “win-win” debates out there. For instance, which era of the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Lakers really was the best? Sean Connery or Roger Moore,…or Daniel Craig? Reasonable Doubt or The Blueprint? One such debate that I’ve found to be recurring is "The... Read more

NahRight’s 10 Classic Biggie Smalls Mixtape Cuts

To celebrate the 19th anniversary of the release of The Notorious B.I.G.'s Ready to Die album yesterday, NahRight put together a phenomenal piece on 10 Classic Biggie Smalls Mixtape Cuts. Here's what NahRight had to say about their entry #6: 6. “Freestyle” (off Puff Daddy and DJ S&S’s Bad Boy... Read more

Souls Of Mischief’s 93 ’til Infinity 20 Years Later (Food For Thought)

By:  Bandini My biggest gripe with the cliché-use of the word “classic” is the freshness in which it’s pulled out. In order to be a classic, you must endure the tendency to forget, overlook, and turn the page. The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Baritz is classic—with its long lines, razor-sharp edges... Read more

Drake Speaks on Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse (Food for Thought)

Drake broke his silence on Kendrick Lamar's Control verse and has provided the best response yet (IMHO), calm, to the point and brimming with confidence.  The way it should be. Check out what he had to say to Billboard below. “I didn’t really have anything to say about it,” Drake... Read more

Sometimes I Rap Fast, Sometimes I Rap Slow: The Evolution Of JAY-Z’s Flow (Food For Thought)

As another NFL season loads up, the sports news cycle is dominated by teams, offenses, depth charts and injury reports. Although not a fan (au contraire), I often marvel at the dynamic strategies of Bill Bellichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots. From season-to-season, the three-time Super Bowl champions... Read more

Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, M.A.A.D. city Album Crosses the 1 Million Sold Mark (Food for Thought)

Salute to Kendrick Lamar. His good kid, M.A.A.D. city album has officially sold more than 1 million copies this week, according to SoundScan. There was a lot of conversation about the album being a classic when it was released. Now that it's been nearly a year since it debuted, would... Read more

Nice Guys Finish First…But Not By Playing Nice

Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T. After the late 2000s breakthrough of Blu, Thurz, Fashawn and Torae, it is these two men that truly opened me up to what I considered the youthful unknown in Hip-Hop. In 2010, I was very much the anti-new-rapper’s fan, convinced that labels (large and small)... Read more

Drake Says He Won His Battle With Common

Drake and Common’s beef (if we can call it that?) might seem like a pillow fight compared to the atom bomb Kendrick dropped on Hip Hop this week, but in an interview for next month’s XXL, Drizzy claims he came out the victor. In the new issue (which hits stores... Read more

Because They Made It That Way (Hip-Hop At 40 Years Old)

If you go by the books, Hip-Hop (I’ll spell it with capital letters since KRS-One told us to do so) turns 40 years old this month. Six summers before Big Bank Hank, Wonder Mike and Master Gee drove a Lincoln Continental and great big Cadillac up the charts to a... Read more

Jay Z and Damon Dash Bury the Hatchet

We've been watching the ice between Jay Z and Damon Dash melt over the last few weeks. First, we saw Dame listening to Jay's Magna Carta Holy Grail album and publicly giving it props. Then, Jay spoke candidly about his former friend and business partner, calling him an "amazing and... Read more