Kendrick Lamar Explains His New Album Song By Song (Video)

Today (April 21) marks a full seven days since Kendrick Lamar released DAMN., the conceptually driven follow-up to the equally innovative and controversial To Pimp a Butterfly. Already garnering the MC critical and commercial acclaim to rival all of 2017's highest-rated LPs, DAMN. has inspired its fair share of analysis and reviews, which have... Read more

Logic & Pusha T Take Out Their Enemies With A Flicka Da Wrist (Audio)

In March of 2015, Houston, Texas rapper Chedda Da Connect dropped "Flicka Da Wrist," a debut single from a relatively unknown artist which went on to become a viral behemoth. A Trap-focused ode to drug-cooking techniques, it became a cultural touchstone, remixed by artists including 2 Chainz and T.I. More... Read more

Nas Details That Time He & Biggie Were Supposed to Collaborate (Video)

"Gimme the Loot" is a Hip-Hop staple, a classic piece of the Notorious B.I.G.'s repertoire from what is arguably one of the most influential debut albums in history. But what some may not know is that 1994's Ready to Die almost inspired a remix to the song featuring Nas, another young MC who also... Read more

The White Privilege Conversation is Ongoing. Macklemore & Collaborators Weigh In.

This past week has been a very cerebral, thought-provoking time in Hip-Hop. Since releasing "White Privilege II," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been discussing at great length the implications of White supremacy, the racial politics within Hip-Hop, and how those listening to the song can help educate and engage others... Read more

Q-Tip, Dave Chappelle, Leo DiCaprio & Chris Rock Talk Beats, Rhymes & Life, Literally. (Audio)

That's right. An Oscar-nominated actor, two legendary comedic geniuses, and an integral architect of Hip-Hop in one place, at one time. For many, the combination of Dave Chappelle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Rock, and Q-Tip sounds like the answer to "if you could sit four celebrities into a room to hear... Read more

Beastie Boys Share How Paul’s Boutique Might Have Gotten a Record Company Exec Fired (Video)

Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz and Michael "Mike D" Diamond recently sat down with New Zealand radio personality Zane Lowe for an intimate conversation about Beastie Boys history in celebration of the 26th anniversary of their album Paul's Boutique, and even more poignantly, the conversation took place on August 5, which would... Read more