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Anderson .Paak’s Music Excited Dr. Dre & DJ Premier. His Story Is One Of Paid Dues. (Interview)

Although he was born Brandon Anderson Paak, most people who are close to the Southern California artist know him best as Breezy. A nickname that has stuck throughout most of his life, this association eventually became .Paak's handle as an artist, and thus, giving birth to the first chapter in... Read more

Anderson .Paak Continues to Show What Dr. Dre & DJ Premier Already Knew. He’s a True Talent (Video)

Anderson .Paak has had an unbelievable year. The Los Angeles artist shared billing with Dr. Dre on 6 of the Compton album's 16 tracks, and he had already been working with DJ Premier, prior to that. Today (9/25), he releases The Anderson .Paak EP with the production outfit Blended Babies.... Read more

Anderson .Paak Is On A Tear. He Transitions From Dr. Dre To Asher Roth Seamlessly (Audio)

Dr. Dre's Compton formally introduces a number of new artists with an array of talents. Along with longtime independent artist King Mez and Dallas, Texas' Justus, Anderson .Paak may be the biggest standout. With a versatile ability to rap, sing, and play multiple instruments, Anderson—who hails from the same Oxnard,... Read more

Anderson .Paak Got Co-Signs From Dr. Dre AND DJ Premier. Here’s His Latest (Audio)

Anderson .Paak, the Los Angeles talent featured more prominently on Dr. Dre's Compton than any other artist (outside of the good doctor himself, of course) has released a collaborative EP with Blended Babies, a production duo whose work with artists like Ab-Soul, Freddie Gibbs, Kid Cudi, and the Black Keys'... Read more

Some Unreleased Vic Mensa Surfaces on the Heels of His SNL Debut (Audio)

Vic Mensa's having quite a week. With the world television stage on "SNL40" (well, those not watching the NBA All-Star Game), Mensa joined Sia and Kanye West for a highly-stylized, deeply choreographed performance of "Wolves." With folks running to their social media to ask more about the versatile MC/singer with... Read more

King Chip Makes A Song About Nothing, With Substance (Audio)

Onetime Kid Cudi protege King Chip (f/k/a Chip Tha Ripper) has been working with production outfit Blended Babies recently. The team known for helping Asher Roth find a new, psych-friendly sound fits nicely with the Cleveland, Ohio MC who combines some cold street slang with some youthful counterculture beyond the... Read more

O’My, Ab-Soul Is Hot These Days (Audio)

Ten days before the June 24 release, Ab-Soul reveals the title track to his album, These Days. "Swear to God, this the only time I use this flow," he proclaims. Soul epitomizes the cut in more ways than one as the song opens with the vocal prowess of Chicago's "band... Read more

ZZ Ward’s Hip-Hop Blends Continue, This Time With Asher Roth & King Chip (Audio)

Singer ZZ Ward has great taste in Hip-Hop. Thus far, she's worked with Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs, DJ Premier, and others. After taking a bit of a break, she reconvenes with Asher Roth. Last year, Ward guested on Roth's "See The World." Now, on a Blended Babies remixed-"365 Days," they... Read more

You Probably Never Heard Asher Roth Like This Before (Audio)

If Queen Latifah can make vocal Jazz albums, and Heavy D can make Reggae albums, the confines of genre should have been eradicated in Hip-Hop years ago. With one solo album under his belt, and an EP with Nottz, Asher Roth has been a "known" artist for just over five... Read more

Asher Roth, Blended Babies & Chuck Inglish Make A Key Visual Companion For See The World (Video)

"See The World" was a trippy collaboration released two weeks ago by Blended Babies, Asher Roth, and The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish. The record features that liquid wordplay that made Asher a breakout star (with The Cool Kids) in '07 and '08. However, B.B. hit with the '70s Psyche/Rock samples... Read more

Blended Babies Team With Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish For See The World (Audio)

Blended Babies links with their frequent artist Asher Roth and The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish. Together, the late '00s trio vibes out over the slow beat with slower flows. The collabo marks the opening of Blended Babies Music Group. No word on the acts yet, but this Psyche sample chop... Read more