Blu – ucla (Album) (Produced by Madlib)

blu and Madlib had a couple of dope collabos last year.'s a full album. Check out ucla featuring blu on the mic and Madlib on the boards. You can listen to the entire album and download it below. Click here to download.... Read more

Blu – Jesus (Video)

Here's the video for one of Blu's collabos with Madlib. Check out Jesus.... Read more

Blu & Exile – give me flowers while i can smell them (Album Stream)

Here's a full previously unreleased album from Blu & Exile.  You can listen to the whole project below.  Check out "give me flowers while i can smell them." give me my flowers while i can smell them by exile & blu... Read more

Here’s an ill combo. Pete Rock blesses Blu with a track and Blu delivers, as usual. Check out The Clean Hand.

Here's an ill combo. Pete Rock blesses Blu with a track and Blu delivers, as usual. Check out The Clean Hand. Click here to download.... Read more

Blu – ez

New tracks from Madlib featuring dope MCs continue to surface. Recently, his collabo with Freddie Gibbs, Thuggin', dropped. Here's another, with Blu. Check out ez. You may recognize the track as the one Black Star just rocked over on their new song Fix Up (but rumor is Blu's version was... Read more

Blu – The Greatest Guest Features Collection (4-Mixtape Set)

A few weeks ago, RealHipHopHead put together a comprehensive set of 6 mixtapes featuring nothing but Nas features and rare songs. Now, they've done the same for Blu. Here's a 4-mixtape set filled with Blu features. You can download the 4-mixtape set, see the tracklist and read what RealHipHopHead had... Read more

Blu – j e s u s

A lot of Blu's most recent material has an old soul (d o o w h o p) feel to it.  His song j e s u s continues with that sound.  The track is courtesy of Madlib.  Check it out. Click here to download.  ... Read more

Blu – My Sunshine ft Nia Andrews (Video)

Check it out. Read more

sene – exit, us (Godlee Barnes Remix)

sene supplies the rhymes and Blu supplies the track. Together, it's Blu magic. Check it out. sene -- "exit,us - Godlee Barnes Remix" by sene... Read more

MED drops some music for marinating with Blu. Check out This Is Your Life.

Exile laid down the track. It doesn't get much better than this. Click here to download.... Read more

Keeping it on the Cali underground tip, check out Blu on WhatUWanna by Dela.

This may be Blu's best performance since Below The Heavens. Click here to download.  Here's one of my favorite joints from Below the Heavens: Read more

This joint with TiRon ft Asher Roth and Blu is a heatrock. It’s called The Richers and it’s got that vintage 80’s R&B sound to it.

TiRon dropped another cool joint last week.  That one had a kind of playfulness to it that The Richers doesn't.  The Richers is just plain spit kicking over a nice soulful track. Click here to download.  This track is one of 10 on TiRon's project called Hney Mstrd.  It's chock... Read more

Ever heard of Mr. Brady? He gets major props for doing a song with Blu and Diamond D called Get Choze. Check it out.

Blu has been making a comeback as of late.  He and Exile supposedly have another project coming out next year.  In the meantime, here's how he gets down with Mr. Brady: Click here to download.  And in case you forgot how Diamond D gets down, check these out: Read more

Blu continues to rep hard for the underground. Check out this performance of a new song called EaseYourMind.

Here's another Blu song (with Exile) called In Remembrance from one of my favorite albums of 2007 called Below the Heavens. Both the lyrics and the track are on point. Read more

Lupe Fiasco gets some help from his friends on the I'm Beamin' remix ft Asher Roth, Blu, The Cool Kids, Charles Hamilton, Dosage and B.o.B. There's strength in numbers…

Lupe and his crew have taken on the name All City Chess Club.  It's not a stretch to assume they would not be offended by the term "backpackers."  It's good to see so many facets of hip-hop again.  Check it out: Click here to download..... Read more