Blu – The Greatest Guest Features Collection (4-Mixtape Set)

A few weeks ago, RealHipHopHead put together a comprehensive set of 6 mixtapes featuring nothing but Nas features and rare songs. Now, they’ve done the same for Blu. Here’s a 4-mixtape set filled with Blu features. You can download the 4-mixtape set, see the tracklist and read what RealHipHopHead had to say about the compilation below.

Click here to download.  Here’s what RealHipHopHead said about the compilation (tracklist is below):


“Blu has established himself as one of Hip-Hop’s most promising young emcees. With six full-length albums, and countless other projects and mixtapes, Blu has been releasing quality music non-stop since he hit the scene in 2006 — whether on his own projects, or someone else’s. Every guest verse from Blu is a quality verse, often outstanding, and his catalog of features is far more vast than most Blu fans imagine. There are some true GEMS here, and some of my favorite tracks from Mr. Barnes. I’ve gathered all of his best features into a four-disc collection.

You’ll find collaborations with: J Dilla, The Roots, Exile, Co$$, Inspectah Deck, Phonte, Freddie Gibbs, Homeboy Sandman, MED, Flying Lotus, TiRon, Asher Roth, Sene, Fashawn, Miguel, Dela, Chief, Eligh, The Grouch, The Alchemist, Kid Cudi, Talib Kweli, Evidence, Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Tanya Morgan, Joell Ortiz, Andy Allo, Diamond D, Jack Spade, Lupe Fiasco, Pac Div and more.”

Here’s the tracklist:

Disc 1:

01. This Is Your Life feat. MED (Prod. Exile)
02. WhatUWanna feat. Dela
03. Cadalac Steeze feat. Willow
04. Dreamland feat. Andy Allo
05. Fly (Song of Liberation) feat. Exile
06. Mars (Remix) feat. Dela
07. Radio Daze feat. The Roots, Dice Raw
08. Smoke feat. J Dilla
09. LoveLine(s) feat. Exile
10. A Song Called Triumph feat. Big Tone
11. From The Heart feat. Deep Rooted
12. Never Ending feat. Mumbles
13. Lamenated Looseleafs feat. MAG
14. GNG BNG feat. Flying Lotus
15. How Do You Sleep feat. Recess
16. Party of Two feat. Exile
17. The Richers feat. TiRon & Asher Roth
18. Through The Flames feat. Co$$
19. Dope 4 Gold feat. Sene
20. Hi(gh) Music feat. Shingo Suzuki

Disc 2:

01. Maintain feat. Exile, Donel Smoke, Co$$ & Miguel
02. Samsonite Man feat. Fashawn
03. True Love feat. Sene & Chief
04. Pour Another Glass feat. Presto
05. Lucy’s&LooseLeafs feat. Dela
06. Born Again feat. Co$$ & Sene
07. Therapy feat. The Alchemist, Evidence, KiD CuDi
08. The Day feat. The Roots, Phonte, Patty Crash
09. Piece feat. Choice37
10. Git It Now feat. Trek Life
11. Hostile Gospel (Remix) feat. Joell Ortiz & Talib Kweli
12. Morgan Blu feat. Tanya Morgan
13. Life Of A Lover (Remix) feat. Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III
14. Just Relax feat. Noah
15. Hard Times feat. DJ Cadik
16. For Whom The Bell Tolls feat. Phonte, Evidence &
17. Step To This feat. Josh One
18. Still Remains feat. Waxolutionists
19. The Times feat. Keelay & Zaire, Fortlive, Nino Moschella

Disc 3:

01. Mars feat. Dela
02. Get Choze feat. Mr. Brady, Diamond D
03. iFeel feat. Miss Jack Davey
04. 2 Long feat. Jack Spade
05. Jazz (ATCQ Tribute) feat. J. Period
06. When I Dig feat. Kidkanevil & Kissey Asplund
07. Vibrate feat. Dela
08. So Perfect feat. Exile
09. L.A. Blaze feat. Uncle Imani and Luckyiam
10. Nino Brown (Prod. by RZA)
11. In feat. Freddie Gibbs & Homeboy Sandman
12. Lamenated Looseleafs (Small Professor Remix) feat. MAG
13. Aint Bout U feat. Jack Spade
14. Wednesday feat. Ta’Raach & Budamunky
15. We Beamin’ (Remix) feat. Lupe Fiasco & All City Chess Club
16. The Fame feat. Sene
17. Angelic feat. Co$$
18. Soul Provider feat. Exile
19. King Me feat. Chief and Sene
20. Brothers feat. Jack Spade

Disc 4:

01. Day by Day feat. Jack Spade
02. Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E. feat. Mainframe
03. Merci Me Lord feat. Ta’Raach
04. Supa Fly feat. S1 & Inspectah Deck
05. Robots (Remy LBO Remix) feat. Bilal
06. Awake In A Dream feat. Catch Lungs
07. Sour Patch Kids (Remix) feat. Asher Roth and Talib Kweli
08. Rainbow feat. Shenkar
09. For The Soul feat. Josh One & Mukwenda
10. I Dont Rock Parties feat. Ta’raach & Co$$
11. Surrender feat. Sepalot
12. Old Souls feat. The Grouch & Eligh (Prod. Flying Lotus)
13. Motive Pt. 2 feat. Sene and Co$$
14. Wonder Why feat. Blame One & Exile
15. Tell You feat. Exile & Aloe Blacc
16. Lear Jet feat. Folk & Stress
17. Excuse Me (Make Room) [Abridged]
18. Words Past The Margin feat. Jesse Abraham
19. Cringe feat. Pac Div
20. Wake Up Show Freestyle