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Ever Go Through Your Mate’s Phone? Joell Ortiz Shows Why It’s a Bad Idea… (Video)

Joell Ortiz' masterful storytelling are one of the lyrical attributes that transcended him from a late '90s, early 2000s street MC into a major label star. Like two of his onetime mentors and label-heads, Eminem and Dr. Dre in 2000's "Guilty Conscience," Joell uses his House Slippers moment "Phone" to... Read more

Joell Ortiz Literally Depicts the Crack Spot with His Latest Visuals (Video)

To date, Joell Ortiz' House Slippers glimpses have charted his growth, improved life outlook, and range as an artist. With "Crack Spot," Joell brings Heads back around the corner from the Bodega, where the villains lurk. Following the age-old dope-to-rap metaphor, Jo's visual shows the literal operation, as he kicks... Read more

Try On Joell Ortiz’ House Slippers (Album Stream)

A lot of anticipation surrounds Joell Ortiz' third solo album, House Slippers. On the revamped Penalty Records, the Brooklyn MC teamed with !llmind (Skyzoo, Boot Camp Clik, G.O.O.D Music) and Heatmakerz (Jim Jones, The Diplomats, AZ) for this LP. With the three-year hiatus between albums, the Slaughterhouse MC changed his... Read more

Joell Ortiz Shows His Childhood Alongside B.o.B In Music Saved My Life (Video)

Joell Ortiz' House Slippers look are in full fashion. For "Music Saved My Life," Ortiz and B.o.B rap from the present day, with massive joy on their faces. Inner-twined in the video, Heads can see dramatic flashbacks to a chubby juvenile Joell, and the pain and hardship that prompts his... Read more

Joell Ortiz Interviews Himself On A New House Slippers Look (Audio)

Back on one of Slaughterhouse's breakthrough songs, "Move On," Joell Ortiz set things off, knowing just what he thought media reporters cared most about concerning his career. After a hiatus from solo works, the Bushwick, Brooklyn MC tries his hand at that tactic again. "Q&A" addresses the things Heads may... Read more

Joell Ortiz Puts Down 16 Bars With Fervor (Video)

In AOL Boombox's 16 Bars series, Joell Ortiz steps in. The Brooklyn, New York veteran has built a reputation and his career foundation on confident, thoughtful bars that may or may not always belong to a song. So 16 is no problem for the Slaughterhouse MC. Here, he does as... Read more

If Joell Ortiz’ Original House Slippers Was Too Wavy, Watch Him Tear Down A Coldcut-Style Remix (Video)

Joell Ortiz's "House Slippers" single from the album of the same name shows a new sound from the Brooklyn, New York MC. While the LP features executive production from !llmind (Skyzoo) and Heatmakerz (The Diplomats), the single suggested a subdued sound from the artist known for his work from DJ... Read more

Joell Ortiz & B.o.B. Take A Moment To Celebrate Music Of All Kinds On A Heatmakerz Beat (Audio)

Joell Ortiz's third solo album, House Slippers, is a transformation for the Slaughterhouse MC. Now signed to Penalty Records, the Brooklyn artist claims he's made the freest album yet, with a celebration of life's blessings, as well as his recent focus on health and happiness. With that, the artist who... Read more

Joell Ortiz Raps About What He’s Been Up To In An Ill Sway In The Morning Freestyle (Video)

Heads never really got to hear Joell Ortiz on a Dr. Dre beat from that mid-2000s Aftermath Entertainment deal that never produced album fruit. Now working with Eminem and Shady Records—and in turn, Dre—Joell is gearing up for another solo LP. Stopping by Sway In The Morning, Ortiz was asked... Read more

Joell Ortiz Passes Out House Slippers & Talks Dr. Dre On Shade 45 (Video)

On Eminem's Shade 45, Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz sits down with Sway Calloway to discuss his new battle rapping series, Total Slaughter (0:30), his upcoming solo album, House Slippers (5:40), his recent weight loss (6:40), and the first time he wrote a rhyme (12:15). Joell also dove into a story about... Read more

Joell Ortiz Is Finally Feeling Comfortable In His Own Shoes (Video)

Joell Ortiz is having quite the active first half of 2014. The Slaughterhouse affiliate has completed House Rules, a mixtape with the rest of the Shady Records Hip-Hop group, and has recently signed to Penalty Entertainment to assist in the release of his upcoming solo album, House Slippers. Housing such... Read more