Kemba Seeks Salvation During A Trying Time In America (Video)

Some may know Kemba as the artist that shut it down with an acappella after Kendrick Lamar pulled him onstage in the Bronx two years ago. Others may remember the MC from albums including You're Welcome (2010), Fall FWD (2011), and GNK (2013) released under his previous moniker "YC The... Read more

Sean Price & DOOM’s Collabo May Be The Most Rugged Hip-Hop Song Of The Year (Audio)

There is nothing that can make up for the loss of Sean Price. The Brooklyn MC who was a vital part of Heltah Skeltah and Boot Camp Clik, as well as a formidable solo artist, was one of a kind, both in his gritty Rap style and his unorthodox sense... Read more

Kemba’s Latest Album is a Potent Reminder of Who Really Deserves the Throne

Entrenched within Ethiopian and Eritrean history, the word "Negus" has recently enjoyed a renaissance of sorts, thanks in part to Kendrick Lamar's use of it on To Pimp a Butterfly's "i." But the word's rich cultural and contextual history stretches back millennia and while there exists debate about how it... Read more

Kemba Argues a New Black Theory While Still Seeking Answers (Video)

As with any social-justice movement, there are cultural takeaways that come to represent the modern-day civil rights movement in searingly visual ways. For generations past, images of police dogs, water hoses, and segregated water fountains are markers signifying a time and place during which struggle for equality was forcibly constricted... Read more