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Scarface Plays Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” On Guitar (Video)

As an MC, Producer and author, Scarface is a man of many talents. Over the years, he's also shown himself to be an able guitarist. In concert, the MC born Brad Jordan has been known to put down the mic and pick up the six-string to pluck out a tune... Read more

Black Sheep’s Mista Lawnge Remixes Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar & Diana Ross 80s Classics (Audio)

Mista Lawnge (f/k/a Mr. Long) is one of Hip-Hop's figures who does not seem to get his just due. One-half of the founding team in Black Sheep, William McLean was responsible, in part, for supplying Queens, New York duo with a sticking sound unlike no other entity in the space.... Read more

Get Some Trippy Lyrical Gunplay From Roc Marciano & Knowlege The Pirate (Audio)

Long Island's Roc Marciano and Virginia's Knowledge The Pirate have close ties. Heard in a strong role in 2012's Marci Beaucoup, K.T.P goes back with Roc. The pair appear together on Ricky Dubs-produced cut "Shot A Man." Messing with some heady Pink Floyd, the slow-moving joint allows the street-tough MCs... Read more

Like Pink Floyd? Like George Washington & Ben Franklin Getting It In? Check This (Video)

DJ House Shoes' affiliate DertBeats made a very cool flip of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon hit "Money." The re-imagined beat has that thump, and serves as a true MPC clinic to anybody who studies arrangement. Well, there's a fantastic new video to capture the street vibe of... Read more