This Quiz About 2015 May Leave You Feeling Beaten. See How You Fare.

Regardless of what part of the globe you call home, 2015 is officially a wrap. Plenty happened in the year that was, especially in Hip-Hop. There was some great music, care of albums, freestyles, and videos. Artists reached new milestones and commercial benchmarks. Sadly, the culture also lost more of... Read more

Rakim Ain’t No Joke & Neither Is This Quiz About The God MC

From the moment he touched the microphone, Rakim proved to be something different for Hip-Hop. The MC half of Eric B. & Rakim raised the standard of flow, style, and rhyme patterns over the last 30 years. As a soloist later in his career, The R made albums that upheld... Read more

Here’s A Difficult DJ Quik Quiz, Even If There Are Eazy Questions

DJ Quik's career has a lot of bends and turns. One of Compton, California's finest artists can rap, he can produce, and he has always been a dope behind the two turntables. Along the way, Q-U-I-K has been attached to several incredible albums (his own, and others'), and multiple groundbreaking... Read more

This UGK Quiz Is Too Hard To Swallow. Only Trill Fans Stand a Chance (Quiz)

Earlier this week, Ambrosia For Heads shared an interview with Pimp C biographer Julia Beverly. Having recently published her 700+ page authorized book, Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story, the OZONE magazine creator and veteran photographer provided AFH with a wealth of insider perspective on Chad Butler's career, personality,... Read more

This Quiz Spells DOOM For All But The Masked Villain’s Most Knowledgeable Fans

MF DOOM's career and discography is quite a lot to keep up with. That statement is going to be true for any 25-plus-year veteran, but considering that Daniel Dumile has multiple aliases, many labels, live albums, instrumental albums, group works, and an onslaught of guest appearances, the Masked Villain can... Read more

10 Things You May Not Know About Redman. This Quiz Will Stump Even His Biggest Fan.

As Redman's infamous episode of Cribs revealed, he is a man that has nothing to hide. Reggie Noble is who he is, take it or leave it. However, that does not mean there isn't plenty to learn about one of the most consistent MCs in Hip-Hop for the last 25... Read more

Think You Know Hip-Hop? This Quiz Will Separate Teachers From Students

When it comes to Hip-Hop, fans take their knowledge of the culture very seriously. The never-ending quest for information and competitive desire to flex that knowledge have spawned a wealth of literature and resources, like Dan Charnas' The Big Payback, a phenomenal history of the evolution of the Hip-Hop music... Read more

What Makes A Hip-Hop Album A Classic? (Editorial)

In all genres of music, the term "classic" prompts debate. Cultural conservatives argue it is used too freely, and often stamped on works of art prematurely. On the other hand, liberally-minded art patrons maintain that placing restrictions on calling an item classic misses the point entirely. Especially with so much... Read more