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How Did Lil Dicky Get Away With His ‘$ave Dat Money’ Hijinks? This Documentary Has the Answer (Video)

Since releasing his studio debut Professional Rapper, Philadelphia MC Lil Dicky has continued to capitalize on the internet fame that first catapulted him into Hip-Hop in 2013, when the video for "Ex-Boyfriend" scored over one-million hits in less than 24 hours. Since then, the ad-man turned comedian turned rapper has... Read more

Lil Dicky Has Made An Epic Music Video…That Cost Almost No Money (Video)

Back in 1996, The Roots released their brilliant music video for "What They Do." The video satirized the Rap visuals of the time, which were becoming increasingly filled with stereotypes and cliches like scantily-clad women, palatial mansions (that were typically rented), luxury vehicles (also rented), orgies and other completely fabricated... Read more