Jhene Aiko Re-Enacts Her Near Death Experience in the Visual for Eternal Sunshine (Video)

Singer-songwriter Jhene Aiko released a video for the single "Eternal Sunshine" off of her 2014 debut album Souled Out. The video captures her above while she exhibits her emotions when a car crash occurs in the background, as paramedics rush to the scene of what seems to be a tragedy. The R&B artist based... Read more

Jhene Aiko Shows Off Her Many Personalities In “Spotless Mind” (Video)

The Grammy-nominated Jhene Aiko has just released a new music video for her Souled Out single, "Spotless Mind." While the song is about her wandering on her own through life, constantly changing, the video shows her with a love interest (her real-life child's father O'Ryan) who just can't keep up,... Read more

Jhene Aiko Shows Her Sultry Side Next To Martial Arts In Wading (Video)

As her full length retail debut, Souled Out, is considered with some year-end lists, Jhene Aiko is far from done promoting the Def Jam release. "Wading," the Dot Da Genius (Kid Cudi) produced single from the album gets its visual. Jhene seduces the lens just like her vocals allure the... Read more

Jhene Aiko Drops A Soulful Narrative & Previews All Of Souled Out (Video)

Jhene Aiko's relationship-centric music continues to permeate the mainstream in 2014. Although Aiko's subjects are tangible to many, her vocal abilities and mixes usually come in with some distance, making some unique aesthetics. "The Pressure," which premiered earlier this summer, is a testament to this. The video, which was directed... Read more

Jhene Aiko Recalls The Pressures Of A Relationship (Audio)

Jhene Aiko's debut full-length solo, Souled Out, is less than six weeks away. In advance of the August 25 date, the Los Angelino drops off "Pressure," a look at the stresses of a failing relationship. The production, care of The Fisticuffs, has a lot going on, beneath the surface. This... Read more