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The World’s Best B-Boys & B-Girls Take Center Stage at this Breakin’ Competition (Video)

Heads around the world have embraced Breakdancing as one of Hip-Hop's defining elements, and while it may seem like rapping has become the culture's most visible manifestation, B-boys and B-Girls continue to celebrate breakin' in tremendous ways. Back in August, the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships took place in San Diego,... Read more

Breakin’ is Back. Here Are Some of the Most Amazing Moves You’ll Ever See (Video)

Although Breakin' has always been a core element of Hip-Hop, its popularity was at its zenith in the mid-'80s. Movies like Beat Street and Breakin' took what had been a subculture to the mainstream and inspired legions of B-Boys and B-Girls around the world. Though the furor would subside from... Read more